Vol. 5 May Issue
Year 2004




More Than Just Shot!

Interview with Alessandro Pasetti, President of Pometon Italy

Cover Page

World’s Largest Shot Peening Machine installed at Airbus Plant 

Author: Axel Friese

Science Update

Fatigue Response of the Various Titanium Alloy Classes to Shot Peening 

Author: Prof. Lothar Wagner (Ph.D.), Dipl.-Ing. Marcin Kocan, Dipl.-Ing. Tomasz Ludian

MFN Trainer Column

Peening in the Age of Damage Tolerance 

Author: Shlomo D. Ramati of IAI


De-lacquering with Shotblasting Technology–Custom Made for Aircraft 

Author: Christina Morgenschweis

A Job Shop with History 

Author: Mike Metz

New Official MFN Trainer! 

Asian Aerospace 2004 Scores with Record Deals Signed, Delegations and Trade Visitor Attendance 

The Shot Peening Process: Developing Prediction 

Author: Franck Petit-Renaud, Process Development and Technical Manager

Turbo Abrasive Blasting 

Author: Dr. Michael Massarsky
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