Vol. 7 September Issue
Year 2006




Cover Page

Shot Peening for Anti-Galling in Oil Field Tools 

Author: Albert Johnson, Van Blasingame and M.V.Gopalakrishnan

Science Update

Blasting with Solid Carbon Dioxide: Dry Ice Blasting - CO2-Snow Blasting 

Author: Prof. Eckart Uhlmann, El Mernissi, A. Robert Hollan, Robert Veit

MFN Trainer Column

"I did not know that..." 

Author: Rick Symanski

Nadcap Column

Nadcap Exceeds 2006 Goal of 3,220 Audits Worldwide  

Author: Arshad Hafeez

From Editor's Desk

The Skill of Communication 

Author: Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.)


Efficient Deburring and Polishing for small Components 

Service Providers of Surface Finishing (SPSF) and Strategies for Meeting Quality Requirements 

Author: Dirk Gather, Plant Manager

A Cool Way to Increase Productivity and Quality 

Author: Marco Pellegrino, Manager Dry Ice Blasting

Almcom 5.0 Software to Handle Pre-Bow Compensation of Almen Strips 

Trends in Industrial Parts Cleaning 

Pangborn® Corporation Wins Major Airblast System Installation Contract at Anniston Army Depot 

Tailor-made Blasting Technology 

Author: Ulf Kapitza, AGTOS GmbH

Complete Line of Industrial Cleaning Equipment 

Author: Martin Freund
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