Vol. 17
September Issue
Year 2016


in Vol. 17 - September Issue - Year 2016
Shot Blasting Machines for Rolls and cleaning of bigger Parts

Special blasting machine for rolls

Roller conveyor type blasting machine

Before blasting

After blasting


Hong-Hui Machinery Co., LTD. was established on Year 2000 and is specialized to design and supply high-quality machines of surface treatment. The Taiwanese company has a huge mass of experience to provide the best solution for customers.

Special Blasting Machine For Rolls

The transport car moves the roll into the blasting cabin. The door will be closed and the machine will be started-up automatically systematically to stand still. After blasting, the roll is waiting for moving out from the cabin and is moved away.

Roller Conveyor Type Blasting Machine

The machine will be started-up automatically step-by-step to standstill after switching on. The operator moves the work pieces to the inlet roller conveyor and starts the conveyor. The work pieces will be transported into the blast cabin. The surfaces of the work pieces are cleaned after blasting. The cast sand or rust is taken off from the work pieces. Then, the work pieces will be transported to the outlet roller conveyor for moving away.
The speed of the roller conveyor is adjustable according to the processing stage of the work pieces. It can be faster if the surfaces of the work pieces are clean. Otherwise, it should be slower.
This machine is suitable for bigger parts. It can load a single work piece of 5~10 tons such as I-beam, steel structure, steel plate, large casting part, machine base, large heat treatment part and so on.

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