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Committed To Success Inherited From A Glorious History For Decades

Mr. Mehmet Feza Guler, Foreign Trade and Marketing Director for EXPERT

Mustafa Kemal ATATURK

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of Modern Turkey

3rd Bosphorus Bridge

Inspecting car rims

30 years of expertise and representing more than 20 companies makes Expert Mumessillik of Turkey (EXPERT) a poli-technics service-oriented supplier to multiple numbers of industries, says Mr. Mehmet Feza Guler, Foreign Trade and Marketing Director for EXPERT. At this unique organisation of industrial services, Mr. Mehmet Feza Guler shares with MFN their customer-oriented initiatives and a short outlook on Turkey’s economy.

(?) MFN: Mr. Guler, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Would you introduce yourself to our readers?

(!) M. F. G.: Actually I am glad to re-introduce myself to valuable MFN readers.
My name is Mehmet Feza Guler and I have been mainly responsible for foreign trade and marketing activities for EXPERT for more than 4 years.
Through my whole 32 years of business life, I have been involved with entire surface treatment techniques and solutions for the last 14 years up-to-date.
Therefore, apart from using my international trade and commercial knowledge, I promote products and services for surface treatment solutions including all types of media, machinery, and other equipment.
Proudly being a MFN trainer and training coordinator, our company is able to serve shot peening and shot blasting workshops and seminars in Turkey.
Thanks to our skilled partners and their technical expertise, we have the chance to attend many specific nice excursions for surface treatment applications.

(?) MFN: How is the recent business situation in Turkey, the current conditions of your market, and how do you dispose yourself?

(!) M. F. G.: Concerning your question, I’d like to start by expressing a few important clues about Turkey and a very unique history we are inspired to elaborate in this regard.
Founded in 1923 under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s strong leadership, modern Turkey has shown remarkable progress evolving from a very traditional and undeveloped state into a modern country.
Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President, founded modern Turkey out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire that was in recession and came to be known as "the sick man of Europe" by the end of 18th century.
He created a secular state and his modern perspective created a new country and a nation with great new vision and aims.
As President for 15 years, until his passing away in 1938, thanks to his far-sighted and marvellous skills, Ataturk introduced a broad range of reforms - in the political, social, legal, economic, and cultural spheres - virtually unparalleled by any other country.
Inspired from his heritage, I believe- as almost all Turkish citizens do - we have a special strength to face difficulties  and determination to find a way to achieve success.
In this regard, Turkey- an upper-middle-income country with over a population of 80 million - having been much affected from a deteriorating geo-political environment with a number of serious troubles inland, has shown strong resilience to combat further large depressions.
Admitting the fact that the country has a long way to go in all spheres where some significant problems might occur, Turkish entrepreneurs have teamed up to be always ready to reorganise and reposition themselves to reach the aims not least that have been predicted, which in fact is our doctrine inherited from the marvellous leadership of Ataturk as he said;
‘Victory is for those who can say "Victory is mine". Success is for those who can begin saying "I will succeed" and say "I have succeeded" in the end.’
This common heritage has brought the country great resilience and flexibility to react rapidly to overcome obstacles as well as for better preparedness for new challenges.
Even though some economic figures might seem depressed, the industry in general is very accurate in achieving its goals and Turkey under this circumstance, is subject to bringing about interesting opportunities for foreign investors.
In this regard I should say, we are keeping our #1 ranking of leading promotions that rely on full commitment of each of our team member’s skills and enthusiasm.
In conclusion, Turkey should be considered as a reliable country being almost fully industrialised with many industries and plants with skilled manpower.
Adjacent to Europe and acting as a natural bridge between the East and the West, Turkey will keep showing outstanding growth and continual assistance in improving the relations between nations and different cultures.

(?) MFN: You are known as the market leader in the abrasive and industrial supplies; how does EXPERT maintain its position?

(!) M. F. G.: First of all I should say, our philosophy of doing business and handling difficulties gives us a special position relying on rationalism and customer-oriented approaches.
Our philosophy is enriched with reliable partnerships, giving us a constant wish to follow and team-up with our customers in order to bring about added values of our products and services to their processes.
Unlike many companies, at first contact, we dedicate our time and energy for technical inspection visits where we reveal the exact requirements, and convey to our clients much better solutions to help them improve their technologies.
In this frame-work that is well-aligned with our partner companies, most clients know that we are their reliable solutions partner, not just a products or services supplier.
Other important aspects include our strong distribution network, high level of stocks and location of warehouses in close proximity to where our customers operate.
Over the course of many years, we have confirmed that our philosophy has made our clients satisfied from best performance products with an exceptional service and product quality delivered every single time.
Last but not the least, we integrate skillful young members to our team as each member has his own dignity to regard themselves as a responsible member of team EXPERT, most properly devoting themselves to many important requirements of clients.

(?) MFN: Which products do you mainly supply and what major sectors do you collaborate with?

(!) M. F. G.: 30 years of successful activity have brought us pleasure to exclusively represent more than 15 reputable manufacturers worldwide; however, due to an expanding demand and various fields of applications we needed to develop our concerns, which in sequence have now reached more than 40 collaborations.
Now, it is possible to say, EXPERT in many case acts as a one-stop supplier, serving many companies in many sectors.
However, the majority of our business and the main sectors involved consist of foundry (castings), automotive, aviation, shipyards, pipe-coating, forging and steel construction industries.
Raw materials, consumables, by-products, machines, equipment, spare parts and many more are equipped to meet hi-tech requirements of these major sectors inclusively with an added value of technical advisory and know-how.
Our initiatives are advantaged add-ons of customer-oriented solutions in course of products and services.
Cost-effectiveness, productivity and loyalty are considered as basics of our success and rightful reputation.
Additional to existing business concerns, we plan to become more involved with aluminium die-cast, ceramics, and natural stone industries since there exists large advantages of multiple usage of our concerns.
The steel abrasives for surface preparation of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge between the two continents of Istanbul (Asia and Europe) are supplied from EXPERT as well as many steel abrasives supplied for the TANAP pipeline project.
All in all, since we are committed to remain as the leader in the focused industries, we dedicate ourselves to representing only the Premium products with Premium solutions following our motto "Only quality products are made out of quality".

(?) MFN: What type of surface treatment services are you providing to your clients?

(!) M. F. G.: As we serve a wide range of industrial fields, we are observing various types of multiple demands and requests. Being a service-oriented leader partner is definitely a part of our job.
Actually, it is not possible for any company or any person to find a ready solution for all.
Donated and well-equipped along with our manufacturers’ capabilities, our developed infrastructure, sooner or later, gives us the opportunity to have the technical knowledge to pass on to our clients when needed.
Thanks to such infrastructure, we are able to observe and technically solve any problems smoothly and accurately.
Shot Peening and Shot Blasting applications are our core concerns where we are able to rapidly penetrate more concrete solutions.
Requirements such as roughness, cleanliness level, the condition of operating mix and wastes, shot peening and shot blasting intensity, hot-spot determination, the condition of wear parts and machine checks are all among our capabilities.
We implement customer trials and demonstrate the expertise and benefits of using our latest technologies, and allow customers a reduction of their costs.
Most checks help our clients to determine and afterwards gain back their losses from wastes, misused consumables, energy and labor costs.

MFN would like to thank Mehmet Feza Guler for this interview!

For Information:
Mehmet Feza Guler
Forigntrade & Marketing Director
EXPERT / Ekspert Mumessillik Ltd. Sti.
Eski bakkalkoy Yolu Tezcan Apt 54/6
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel. +90.216.573 38 88
E-mail: feza.guler@expert.com.tr
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