New: 4th Edition On Shot Peening!

  Edited by
Steven Baiker
Francois-Xavier Abadie
Peter Beckmerhagen
Mohammed Belassel
Stan Bovid
Michael Brauss
Allan Clauer
Thorsten Evert
Sirko Fricke
Heribert Gray

Giovanni Gregorat
Mario Guagliano
Markus Halder
Wolfgang Hennig
Paul Huyton
Marco Klijsen
David Lahrman
Eckehard Müller
James Pineault
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"This book, Shot Peening, comprises a series of articles, each written by an acknowledged expert in the field. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in using shot peening to improve the performance of structural components, particularly those that are expected to experience subsequent fatigue loading."

Prof. Lothar Wagner
Acting Director, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany


"I am pleased to note that MFN pooled its team of experts to write a book on shot peening. The technical contents provide good coverage on the subject and serve as a very useful guide and training reference to industries."

James Leung
Deputy Director, Mechanical Engineering Division, School of Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore


Regardless of the topic, it can be considered a success for any book to be able to publish new editions. The MFN book SHOT PEENING is now in its fourth edition, only eight years after the first edition appeared on the market. Thousands of copies of this book are circulating in the industry. Knowing that the process of shot peening is a niche segment within the surface preparation industry, such a high number of published books is outstanding. Probably at the core of this good acceptance by the industry is the fact that MFN has been able to combine a large team of authors, who are asked to focus their specialist knowledge on one or two chapters rather than having one author cover all relevant topics.

While some authors of this book have an extensive scientific background and teach at universities or have obtained PhDs in Materials Science, others have yearlong practical experience in leading a workshop or a laboratory team. The result is a book about shot peening that investigates the process from all angles. The contents not only cover the fundamental knowledge of shot peening, but also introduce specialized areas related to this field. SHOT PEENING is probably the most widely read publication on the process. MFN maintains a global training organization for different industrial topics, including shot peening. It is supported by eighteen international offices and over sixty members from around twenty countries. Furthermore, MFN has access to three permanently-available training centers and educates over a thousand persons per year in shot peening. For further information or for answers to any questions, please contact the MFN headquarters in Switzerland at


  Introduction to peening and theory, peening intensity, effect of peening, Almen saturation curves, peening coverage, exposure time, trouble shooting, process documentation, masking solutions, workpiece fixtures, shape & size inspection of peening media, cut wire, cast steel shot, ceramic media, specifications, shaded strips, peening equipment components, air & wheel peening, machinery types and application examples, hole peening, flap peening, optimization of shot peening for fatigue critical applications, residual stress, XRD measurement, quantitative characterization of the shot peening process, laser peening, shot peening in the automotive industry, shot peening process improvements, additives for peening and blasting; also introducing deep rolling, etc.
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