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Introduction of Yoshikazu Yamada


Yoshikazu Yamada was born in Nagoya Japan in 1960, and graduated from the economics faculty of Aichi University in 1983. In the same year, he joined Itoh Kikoh and in 1997, he moved to IKK SHOT (Winoa group), which is a manufacturer of steel shot and grit. Almost 30 years of his experience has been dedicated to shot-blasting (including peening) technology. He has been a manager of the Test Center for 7 years through sales manager of shot and grit and blast (peening) machinery. His main missions are to provide technical support to customers in order to reduce blasting process cost, to increase productivity, and to improve the finishing quality of their products after blasting. Mr. Yamada participates in seminars as a trainer concerning blast technology several times a year.

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