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Introduction of Wolfgang Hennig


Wolfgang Hennig was born in Koblenz, Germany, in 1963. Initially, he learned as a mechanic. He later studied mechanical engineering, focussing on production engineering and nc-programming. Wolfgang has been working in the area of shot-peening for over 19 years, and he enjoys a wealth of planning experience. Following his further professional development in Heidelberg, Germany, he worked from 1990 until 1996 as a manufacturing engineer at "Liebherr Aerospace GmbH" in Lindenberg, Germany. There, he was responsible for the process of shot-peening, mechanical brush deburring and vibro polishing. He planned the manufacturing sequences and programmed the machines for many different types of landing gear parts in the areas mentioned above. In 1997 he began working for "Rolls-Royce Germany". He conducted the integration of shot-peening technology in to the existing frameworks in machining production of aero engine components such as compressor drums and turbine discs. During the course of this project, he established a successful system for shot-peening manufacturing, including aspects of nc-programming system, quality control, in-house training and managing the implementation of five nc-machines. Since 2004 he is member of the successful MFN trainer team and responsible for the courses in German language. Currently he is working at different technologies in the area of mechanical surface treatments. This includes development projects for optimal surface treatments of complex Blisk (blades integrated discs) components for improving the fatigue strength and considering the optimal surface structure. An additional area is the development of mechanical deburring and polishing treatments for critical rotating aero engine components. Future targets include online diagnostic and process control for up to date shot peening treatments.

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