Vol. 16 May Issue
Year 2015




Explore The Opportunities And Master Your Blasting Process Through A Unique Network Of Test Centers

MFN had the pleasure to talk to Yves Beret, Worldwide Test Centers Manager of Winoa.

Garnet Abrasive Outlook for Europe

MFN had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Andreas Höfner, General Manager for GMA Garnet (Europe) GmbH.


Sustaining Quality in Special Processes 

Cover Page

Overhead Blast Cleaning and Shot Peening Systems 

Science Update

Residual Stress and Component Geometry 

Author: Glyn Richards

Standards Forum

System Improvement with RCCA and 8D 

Author: Paul Huyton

Good Vibrations

Surface Quality Is Becoming Increasingly Important! 

Author: Dirk Gather

Off the Beaten Track

On a Sea of Bubbles 

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

From Editor's Desk

MFN extends its practical shot-peening training 

Author: Andrzej Wojtas


New Course Offers Wider Awareness Of Metal Treatments 

Author: Paul Huyton

Blasting Fast At Hasçelik: Shot Blast Machine Keeps Up With World’s Fastest Drawing Lines 

Provides Improved Blast Performance, Higher Uptimes And Easier Maintenance 

Company Provides Industry with New Robust Laser Peening System 

New High Performance Robot Shot Peening Machine 

Author: Silvester Tribus

Next-Generation Robot Cell Provides More Flexibility, Reliability And A Scara Manipulator 

The Stream Finishing Machine For Series Production 

Singapore Seizes Future Of Manufacturing By Catalysing Growth Of Sustainable Production Technologies 

SURCAR Cannes 2015 – Next Edition On 18th-19th June! 

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