Vol. 5 July Issue
Year 2004




Beyond the Surface

Interview with Paul S. Prevey, President and Director of Research, Lambda Technologies

Cover Page

Rösler helping to reduce Production Cost and increase the Quality of Aero Engine Blades 

Author: Colin Thomson, Rösler UK

Science Update

The Effect of Saturation and Duplex Peening on Fatigue Resistance of the 2024-T351 Aluminium Alloy 

Author: Dr. J. Solis Romero (PhD)

MFN Trainer Column

Trying to close the Gap 

Author: Peter Beckmerhagen


Successful MFN Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show in Coventry! 

New XRD Technology can Eliminate Abusive Machining of Drilled Holes 

Author: James Pineault, Michael Brauss and Stan Berkley

Trade Fairs in Transition - HANNOVER MESSE 2004 sets new Standards 

Camshaft Inspection – CamScan 300 with microscope 

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