Vol. 6 September Issue
Year 2005




Shot Peening - An Ancient Art And A Modern Technology

Interview with Dr. Harald Reinach, Vice President Technique and Mr. Hubert Prokopp, Managing Director of DISA Industrie AG.

More Blast For The Buck

An interview with Robert Morey, Chief Operating Officer of Empire Abrasive Equipment Company, tells a story of continuing growth over half a century.

Cover Page

A Provider Of Abrasives And Solutions 


Annealing Is Done First, Then Blasting 

Author: Ulf Kapitza, Head of Marketing + Service

The FAA In Singapore 

Empire Acquires AAC Engineering 

Improved Spinner Hanger, The SH 2560 

Author: Martin Freund

Roto Flap Peening Training For Aerospace Approved By The FAA 

PEP Technology For Optimal Shot-Blasting Equipment Effects For Purge Of Castings Of Ferrous And Aluminium Alloys 

Author: Ivan Markocic and Ales Jurman, BSc. in mechanical engineering
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