VOL. 15 November ISSUE YEAR 2014


MFN had the opportunity to talk to Lasse Suominen, President of Stresstech Oy - providing quality control tools for 30 years.

MFN met with Mr. Miha Bavèar, Design Department Manager of GOSTOL TST Company, an International producer of shot blasting equipment, to talk about the research and development of their products. We also had a chance to see some of their collaborations with customers.


Cover Page

Science Update

Author : L.Wagner; M.Wollmann; C. Becker; V. Jannaschk; A.Montabaur

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Author : Mario Guagliano

Good Vibrations

Author : Mathieu Geuting

MFN Trainer Column

Author : Stan Bovid

Off the Beaten Track

Author : Giovanni Gregorat

From Editor's Desk

Author : Andrzej Wojtas