VOL. 18 July ISSUE YEAR 2017


An interview with Dominik Dapprich, Managing Director of Stresstech GmbH - Residual stress measurement and microstructure testing tools since 1999.

When discussing blast cleaning and shot peening, the focus has traditionally been greater on the equipment and less on the process and inputs that validate the process. Those familiar with the process will agree that a key input for both blast cleaning and shot peening is the "tool" (media), and Ervin's manufacturing facilities personify this fact. Starting from sorting and selecting the right mix of steel scrap for the furnace, to melting, pouring, thermal treatment, screening and packaging, these ISO 14001:2004 facilities never fail to fascinate both discerning technical and astute commercial minds. The attention to detail is obvious in every part of the manufacturing process. Joe McGreal, VP of Sales and Marketing at Ervin Industries explains that, "the company's quality standards exceed the requirements of SAE & AMS and every ton of cast steel shot is closely monitored through every process to achieve the highest quality". Ervin’s loyal and growing customer base relies on the repeatability and accuracy of their cleaning or peening operations and it’s critical that we deliver on this promise cycle after cycle". This sums up the company's dynamic vision in very simple and tangible terms. The MFN team met with Mr. McGreal to learn more about Ervin, its 97-year old legacy and vision for the future.

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