VOL. 21 July ISSUE YEAR 2020


We had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Wong Chow Cher from Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), Singapore. Built upon a public-private partnership model, ARTC has a membership consortium with over 80 members, ranging from global multinational corporations (MNCs) to local small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ARTC focuses on advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing and serves to accelerate the transfer of innovation from applied research to industrial applications. Dr. Wong is the Technical Director who oversees two out of six technology groups in ARTC – Data-driven Surface Enhancement and Intelligent Product Verification. In addition, Dr. Wong is also the Coordinating Director of Business Development and Industrial Additive Manufacturing Facility. The conversation centered around ARTC technology roadmap related to surface enhancement and how that is being reshaped by COVID-19.

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