VOL. 24 September ISSUE YEAR 2023


Winoa, a global leader in steel abrasive manufacturing, is revolutionizing the shot blasting and peening industry with its innovative groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) technology and W Care service team. In this article, we present a comprehensive Q&A with Pierre Coste, Winoa's Global Services Manager who provides in-depth insights into these exciting developments and the company's future plans.

The SBS Ecoclean Group develops, produces, and sells future-oriented systems and services for industrial component cleaning and surface treatment. Innovation drivers are the two Competence Centers based in Germany, which support the global Group companies with technical expertise, research, and pioneering developments. In this interview, we talk to Volker Lehmann, Business Development Manager for High-purity Business at Ecoclean GmbH, one of the Group’s Center of Competence in Filderstadt of Germany, about current industry trends and future-oriented solutions for industrial parts cleaning of demanding precision and high-tech components.

From a start-up in the mechanical engineering industry specializing in polishing machines for the jewelry and watch industry, OTEC has evolved into a global technology leader for mass finishing and electro finishing systems. Customers from various industries, such as jewelry and watchmaking, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, tooling, and additive manufacturing, rely on the company's decades of expertise and innovative strength. At OTEC, the focus is always on finding the perfect solution to meet customer needs, with machine development being the primary focus. Customers can choose from a wide range of reliable solutions, ranging from small and compact table machines to fully automated mass production systems.

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