Vol. 12
September Issue
Year 2011

Nadcap Column

in Vol. 12 - September Issue - Year 2011
What has the Nadcap Supplier Support Committee done for me?

Dale Harmon, SSC Support Center Team Leader

The fifth issuance of a global aerospace Supplier Survey

Eric Jacklin, Supplier Support Committee Chairperson

The Nadcap Supplier Support Committee (SSC) Mission represents the Supplier community and works with the Nadcap Management Council (NMC) to enhance the effectiveness and economical value of the Nadcap system for the mutual benefit of Suppliers and Subscribers.
The SSC is made up of active Nadcap accredited Suppliers from different special process backgrounds and different parts of the world who are willing to volunteer to help new Suppliers through the process, as well as assisting experienced Suppliers to establish, maintain and improve their accredited processes.
At each Nadcap meeting, time is set aside for a tutorial for new Suppliers and a general meeting is held. In addition, each special process Task Group has a voting representative on the SSC who communicates and helps to prioritize Supplier issues for action.

So what does the SSC do?

One of its main functions is to act as a conduit between the Supplier base and the Nadcap program, both with regard to individual queries and as a group. One of the tools it uses to do this is the biennial Global Nadcap Supplier Survey.
The 2011 Nadcap Supplier Survey was launched on June 20th 2011. All accredited Suppliers are encouraged to complete the survey online to give their feedback on their experiences of Nadcap. The official launch coincided with the Nadcap Meeting in London, UK, a forum for Primes and Suppliers which takes place three times yearly in locations worldwide.
This is the fifth issuance of a global aerospace Supplier Survey by the SSC. Previous surveys have been conducted in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009.
Valid trending data has already been identified and this year's survey will contribute to the overall picture. For example, in 2003, 25% of respondents indicated that in the areas related to Nadcap accreditation, they had seen an increase in Quality; by 2009, that had risen to 83% of respondents to the survey.
The 2011 Supplier Survey also includes questions on flow down, auditor consistency and globalization.
SSC Chairman Eric Jacklin is enthusiastic about the Supplier Survey:
"The Supplier Survey allows us to gain a better understanding of those people we are here to represent: aerospace Suppliers worldwide. With this knowledge, we are able to concentrate our resources on areas of particular interest to the global supply chain. This is an excellent opportunity for Suppliers to have their voice heard and contribute to the future development of the Nadcap program."
The results will be reported at the February 2012 Nadcap meeting.
There are also other initiatives led by the SSC to support the aerospace Supplier base customers and suppliers who either hold or want to learn more about Nadcap accreditation.
The SSC proactively seeks input from Suppliers on a regular basis at the Nadcap meetings. At each Nadcap meeting, SSC volunteers man a Supplier Support Center – a place where delegates can come to speak to Supplier representatives who have Nadcap experience and have their questions answered by someone who in the same situation as themselves.
For people who are not able to attend the Nadcap meetings, the SSC has also established a Mentoring program. On request, this program matches experienced Nadcap Suppliers to those suppliers who are new to the process and/or need assistance with navigating through the Nadcap system.
Learn more about any of these initiatives, and other SSC activities, by contacting NadcapSSC@sae.org
The 2011 Nadcap Supplier Survey is now open for responses online - take the survey at: www.surveymonkey.com/s/2011SupplierSurvey