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PaintExpo in Brilliant Condition

Technologies and products presented at PaintExpo 2012 will help companies to strengthen their competitiveness. Juergen Hausmann, Managing Director of FairFair GmbH

PaintExpo will present the world

Exhibitors at PaintExpo will showcase solutions to improve quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness of coating processes in the field of wet painting, powder coating and coil coating. Image source: Wagner

 In the Spotlight

PaintExpo, leading international trade fair for industrial coating technology, will take place at the Exhibition Centre Karlsruhe, Germany, from 17 – 20 April 2012. Further information and a preliminary list of exhibitors are available at www.paintexpo.com.

PaintExpo is the only trade fair worldwide which focuses exclusively on the process chain for industrial coating technologies. The fourth show will be held from 17 – 20 April 2012 in Karlsruhe (Germany). MFN talked to Juergen Haussmann, managing director of trade fair organizers FairFair GmbH about the product range that will be on display as well as the development of the event.

(?) MFN: PaintExpo has achieved the status of the leading international trade fair for industrial coating technologies after only three shows. How did you manage this success?

(!) J. H.: It is our concept of focusing exclusively on the process sequence for industrial coating and providing in this field of surface technology, an extraordinarily broad and in-depth range of products and services that will be found nowhere else. This assures visitors from job shop coaters and in-house coating facilities that the exhibition program covers only offerings they are interested in. On the other hand, exhibitors know that all visitors are interested in industrial coating solutions, and thus their participation pays off.

(?) MFN: What does the portfolio of PaintExpo cover in detail?

(!) J. H.: The exhibitors provide solutions from cleaning and pre-treatment right up to quality control in the fields of liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating. The offerings include equipment and application technology, paints, drying and curing systems, conveyor systems, automation solutions and painting robots, pre-treatment, measuring and test equipment, quality control, environmental engineering, filtration technology, accessories, consumable materials, services and paint stripping - not only for coating metals but also plastics, glass, wood, wooden materials and other materials.

(?) MFN: Is blasting technology also a part of the exhibition portfolio at PaintExpo?

(!) J. H.: Yes, of course. Blasting is an important pre-treatment prior to coating and often used for paint stripping. At PaintExpo it is a continuously growing segment at PaintExpo. Different companies are participating in the show and offering solutions for CO2 snow jet blasting and blasting systems for solid media. But there will be also exhibitors that provide blast-cleaning abrasive.

(?) MFN: How many exhibitors are you expecting for PaintExpo 2012?

(!) J. H.: Since the beginning of PaintExpo, we have focused more on quality than quantity, though an increase of about 10 or even 15 percent may be expected. This means roughly 370 exhibitors, and we already know that almost all international market and technology leaders as well as renowned companies will take part at PaintExpo. This allows decision-makers from companies with in-house coating facilities and job shop coaters to collect relevant information for optimizing their processes at one trade fair visit.

(?) MFN: What are the greatest challenges currently for job shop coaters and companies with inhouse coating facilities in your opinion?

(!) J. H.: As far as I know there are strong demands for improved efficiency and, at the same time, enhanced quality and ecology is being felt in all market segments. Increased flexibility is an additional issue that concerns companies with in-house painting operations and job shop coaters. On the one hand, this involves smaller and smaller manufacturing lot sizes in many areas. On the other hand, painting systems are in demand that can be flexibly expanded and set up for various processes such as liquid painting and UV-coating.

(?) MFN: Do you already know about new developments that will be showcased at the PaintExpo 2012?

(!) J. H.: We know that several new products are currently under development concerning energy and material savings and higher process flexibility and these will be introduced at PaintExpo 2012. They are concerned with energy and material savings, and higher process flexibility. There are also technologies to reduce the necessary process steps in the pipeline, for example by replacing the conventional 3-coat system consisting of primer, base coat and clear coat with a primerless 2-coat finish. In the field of pre-treatment of metallic substrates, a trend away from conventional zinc and iron phosphating towards nano-based pre-treatment systems is taking shape. However, there will not only be shown new solutions in pre-treatment but also in the application technique, in metering systems and painting robots for example. In addition, the majority of new solution will help users to get along with even higher requirements for quality, cost effectiveness as well as more restrictive VOC regulations to be expected in future. Overall, very interesting technologies and products will be showcased at PaintExpo 2012, and they will help companies to strengthen their competitiveness.

(?) MFN: Will PaintExpo also offer solutions for downstream processes?

(!) J. H.: Indeed, this is a segment that we are expecting to become more and more important, especially for job shop coaters. The trend here is heading towards identifying painted/coated parts in house. PaintExpo will present suitable pad printing and screen printing systems to this end, as well as laser marking devices. Packaging materials for reliable, protected transport of coated parts are also included in the trade fair program.

(?) MFN: What are the branches for which PaintExpo will offer solutions?

(!) J. H.: PaintExpo offers solutions for all industries that are involved in liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating – regardless of whether they are OEMs or suppliers to the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, machinery and construction equipment manufacturing, from the architectural field, energy technology, plastics, appliances or furniture industry or any other branch.

MFN would like to thank Juergen Haussmann for the interview.

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