Vol. 12
November Issue
Year 2011


in Vol. 12 - November Issue - Year 2011
A Brand New Choice In Approved Respiratory Protection For Abrasive Blasting

Alternate Air Flow Devices

Titan II SAR Blast Helmet

AcoustiFlex Breathing Tube & Airline Hose

VisiFlo Respirator Airline Filter

VisiFlo Respirator Airline Filter

PBF & PBF Junior Respirator Airline Filter

Pan Abrasives is proud to present the EN14594: 2005 Class 4B certified PanBlast™ Titan II Supplied Air Respirator Blast Helmet system with various options of alternate air flow control devices: Air Flow Controller, Air Cooling Controller and Climate Controller to provide maximum operator comfort.

Already previously meeting the stringent certification requirements of AS/NZS1716, the PanBlast™ Titan II SAR Blast Helmet system provides the EU market with the latest generation of an established and proven product range which is now also certified to the latest CEN European EN14594: 2005 Respiratory Protective Devices Standard which has superseded EN271: 1995, an older, but since withdrawn standard, to which most PPE equipment currently available on sale in the market today were previously certified under.

Complementary to the PanBlast™ Titan II SAR PPE system is the PanBlast™ range of respirator airline filters that remove residual odors, oil and mist from EN12021 quality breathing air being supplied to the blasting operator from the compressor. The blasting operator can select a suitable unit from the comprehensive range of PanBlast™ respirator airline filters, which include the VisiFlo, PBF and PBF Junior.

PanBlast™ Titan II SAR Blast Helmet

The Titan II SAR is designed to protect the blasting operator from rebounding abrasive dust, debris and excessive noise levels generated from the abrasive blasting process. Incorporated as standard supply, is the airflow indicator with its high visibility red/green operation that provides for operator protection and peace of mind by knowing that the airflow to the SAR is within regulatory specifications.

Weighing only 2.3 kg (5.07 lbs), the PanBlast™ Titan II SAR blast helmet is used in conjunction with an air flow control device that is connected to the blast helmet via the ultra flexible and lightweight AcoustiFlex Breathing Tube, a unique and innovative sound-deadening hose to the industry because of it’s non-directional assembly feature and impossible-to-plug design.

PanBlast™ Air Flow Control Devices

The PanBlast™ Air Flow Controller is a lightweight and economical airflow control unit, which is suitable for users that do not require cooling or heating of EN12021 quality breathing air being supplied to the Titan II SAR. Should cooling of the breathing air be required, the PanBlast™ Air Cooling Controller can be used to reduce the incoming air temperature by up to 19°C (34°F). When both cooling and heating of the incoming air is required, the PanBlast™ Climate Controller can reduce the incoming air temperature by up to 15°C (27°F) from ambient, or increase the incoming air temperature by up to 30°C (54°F) from ambient, thus providing breathing air at a comfortable temperature to the operator.
All alternate flow control devices come complete with an adjustable nylon waist belt for unit attachment to the operator’s waist during use. These alternate flow control devices do not require batteries or electrical power to operate and only require the supply of EN12021 quality breathing air from the respirator airline filter for reliable operation.

PanBlast™ Respirator Airline Filters

The ultimate breathing air filter comes in the form of the PanBlast™ VisiFlo Respirator Airline Filter – it heralds a new generation of breathing airline filters with the advent of an indestructible clear housing tube that allows the operator to visually check on both air supply quality and condition of the installed filter cartridge during operation for complete peace of mind. The unit can be installed in both horizontal and vertical configurations and comes with wall mount capability. A carbon monoxide (CO) monitor kit/alarm is also available for direct mounting to the unit for additional operator protection.

The PBF and PBF Junior Respirator Airline Filters offer a more conventional product range for blasting operator protection. These airline filter systems can be configured for single or multi-operator use and offer the same level of protection as the VisiFlo, but are more economical to use. Like the VisiFlo, a portable carbon monoxide (CO) monitor kit/alarm is also available for additional operator protection.

All PanBlast™ respirator airline systems can be optionally fitted with MicroMist Filters to additionally remove water vapors and oil mists down to 1 mg/m3 and particulate down to 0.3 micron in size from EN12021 quality breathing air being supplied to the blasting operator from the compressor.

Global Distribution

Pan Abrasives is uniquely positioned in the global blast cleaning industry and continues to forge ahead with innovative product designs and solutions. If you are not already a Pan Abrasives distributor and are interested in distributing this exciting new product range, your inquiries are most welcome.

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