Vol. 13
March Issue
Year 2012


in Vol. 13 - March Issue - Year 2012
Portable Pressure Blast Systems "Green" Ergonomic Innovations

PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle 45 degree view

PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle side view

PanBlastTM QuikStop II with nylon strap

The portable pressure blast unit is one of the most widely utilized pieces of equipment being employed by leading contractors within the blast cleaning industry, and is widely utilized within blast room enclosures/chambers, or is simply deployed to open blast site applications in conjunction with environmentally friendly abrasives. Its evolution from a manually operated pressure blast machine has progressed over the years with the advent of various types of remote control systems available within the industrialized market. The PanBlastTM Division of Pan Abrasives is a leading global manufacturer for such control systems, which are extensively being used throughout the industry worldwide.

Operating such equipment for extended periods is both labor intensive and exhaustive work for the blast operator, contributing to fatigue, potential accidents and a decline in working performance. With the advancement of "green" environmental technologies worldwide, conventional open type blast operations are increasingly being exposed to legislation and frowned upon with blasting contractors being forced to eliminate, or at least reduce the negative footprint they are making on the environment. This article features two innovative PanBlastTM products that address these market requirements.

"Green" PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzles – Dust Suppression

The PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle series is designed for open blasting applications requiring suppression of dust generated during the abrasives blasting process.

Unique to the PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle design has full adjustability and control over the air-to-water atomization ratio of the nozzle. This brand new innovation is the first of its kind in the industry. The PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle series comes with a unique six (6)-port induction system as standard located within the central body, where controlling the water to air mixing ratios is easily achieved by making adjustments, either by increasing or decreasing the number of air induction port orifices to suit application requirements.

This ensures that the user can not only control the water flow supply to the nozzle, but can also adjust the air to water mix ratios, thereby providing full adjustability of the air/water/abrasive mix and hence allowing full operator control of the wet abrasive blast stream exiting the nozzle. When adjusted correctly and in conjunction with blast nozzle pressure, PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzles provide a fully saturated mixture of water and abrasive for truly effective and efficient wet abrasives blasting with minimal dust pollution to the surrounding environment at maximum abrasive blasting productivity.

The PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle is manufactured using a durable external aluminum jacket, a wear resistance tungsten carbide internal liner and is supplied with a standard 50mm (2"UNC) male contractor thread. It can be coupled easily to any standard contractor type nozzle holder and comes in various nozzle sizes to suit different application requirements. The PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzle can be used directly with city-supplied tap water, pump-supplied water or simply from drawing the water via venturi suction from a tank (with rust inhibitor incorporated whenever deemed necessary).

Users may also use the PanBlastTM AIN Water Induction Nozzles as a dry abrasive blasting nozzle if required simply by shutting off the water supply to the nozzle via the standard supplied petcock valve during abrasive blasting operations.

Ergonomic PanBlastTM QuikStop II Remote Control Handle – Hands Free Operation

Conventional remote control handles require the handle lever to be depressed in the down position continuously for the remote control valve to stay activated for performing abrasive blasting operations. For operator safety reasons, lever-locking mechanisms are generally not used because such handle designs are not inherently fail-safe and may cause accidental operator injury if the blast nozzle assembly is unintentionally disengaged from the operator’s hands and blasting operations do not cease instantly.

The PanBlastTM QuikStop II Remote Control Handle is ultra-compact, light, easy to activate/de-activate and reduces operator fatigue by allowing both of the operator’s hands freedom to securely hold the blast nozzle assembly freely while working, while not sacrificing the safety of the operator at any time with its inherent fail-safe design.

The PanBlastTM QuikStop II Remote Control Handle comes in two parts: an activation valve, which is mounted on a contoured base saddle for ease of attachment to the blasting hose ensuring a stable and secure fit at all times, and an activation ball, which is loop-strapped to the operator’s wrist via a durable nylon strap. As soon as the operator is ready, he/she simply inserts the activation ball into the spring-loaded channel slot of the activation valve to supply air to the remote control valve to commence blasting operations.

The "Quick Release" mechanism consisting of a spring-tensioned safety lever making disengaging of blasting operations an easy feat by removal of the strapped activation ball away from the activation valve channel slot. In the event of an emergency, the fail-safe mode kicks in automatically and de-activates the remote control valve to cease abrasive blasting operations instantly with release of the blasting hose from the operator’s grasp. The weight of the blasting hose will cause the release of the activation ball (loop-strapped to the operator’s wrist) from the activation valve channel slot instantly.

Weighing in at less than 300 grams (10oz), the ultra-compact and lightweight PanBlastTM QuikStop II Remote Control Handle is CNC machined from billet aluminum, coated with a black hard anodized finish for corrosion protection, now sets the industry benchmark for premium quality fail-safe remote control handles.

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