Vol. 13
May Issue
Year 2012

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in Vol. 13 - May Issue - Year 2012
A Crossroad Of Hi-Techs On A Contemporary Silk Road...

Fetas Metalurji facilities in Turkey

Stainless steel shots

Stainless steel grits

Shot peening equipments


Steel shot

Steel grits

Glass beads


Silicon carbide

Shot blast and shot peening machines

Planned extension of Fetas facilities with 6000 sqm space

The Silk Road was a significant route in the development of great civilizations and in several respects helped to lay the foundations for the modern world. Though silk was certainly the major trade item from China, many other goods were traded, and various technologies, religions and philosophies also traveled along the Silk Routes. Turkey is at such a critical location on this road that combines Europe to Asia.

Followings the footprints of its former challengers, Fetas Metalurji keeps the courtesy of continuous journey by serving a wide series of high quality products and services on varying routes of trade in the bustling markets of the region.

Founded in 1964 the company has improved its facilities from Turkey’s almost unique surface-treatment workshop to an international market with a lot of consumables and raw materials.

In scope of serving only hi-tech products, Fetas has accompanied the Turkish industry with many unique products and services...
The journey significantly started by introducing Vulkan Inox stainless steel abrasives and has now developed to a composition of a number of complex products and services.

Once focused on the abrasives particularly for surface treatment, the company has thereof enriched its portfolio with different types of raw materials in plenty of key sectors including; foundries, ceramics, refractories, polishings, abrasives industries and many more.

It would not be an exaggeration to say Fetas’ endeavours have made a real impact by introducing high-precision shot peening technology to almost all potential users. Now, the company is acquiring a shot peening expert and most inquiries are successfully achieved. Furthermore, Fetas also serves as a shot peening house for its customers mainly in automotive, aviation and medicals.

The company proudly represents the following entities throughout their unique solutions in the region and hinterlands.

Vulkan Inox GmbH stainless steel abrasives; A hi-tech application in abrasive industry

Because of the high durability of products breached by their microstructure and thereof sustaining an ideal surface finishing advantage on the material, Vulkan Chronital stainless steel shots have attained a rightful fame and are accepted as the no 1 abrasive particularly in the hi-tech process-applied countries...

Vulkan Chronital stainless steel shots are admirably consumed as dependable abrasives in many sectors like aluminium and zinc pressure die-casting, non-ferrous metals and special alloys, alloy aluminium wheel producers, concrete and natural stone industry such as marble and granite, stainless steel machine & equipment fabrications, stainless steel castings and forgings, aluminium profile manufacturers, automotive industry, etc.
The products are imported and distributed into Turkey and the Middle East by Turkey distributor Fetas Metallurgy.

The general preference of Vulkan Chronital stainless steel shots by most esteemed global industrial consumers can be described owing such sustainable results as mentioned below:

• Greater durability
• Lower blasting times
• Brighter finish
• Rust-free anti-corrosive surfaces
• Prevents damage to health and safe for environment
• Reduced wear and tear of blasting equipment

Frohn GmbH for shot peening media and Peening Accessories for shot peening equipments

For years, Fetas has successfully introduced Frohn’s shot peening cut-wire media conforming to AMS, SAE, ISO, GE, BAC standards as well as high-class shot peening equipments from Peening Accessories GmbH...

Similar to other hi-quality products, Frohn and PA have an important impact in Turkish industry through Fetas...

Steel shots and steel grits

Steel grits and high-carbon and low-carbon steel shots are always on stock for real-time deliveries on each customer demand...
The company reserves the quality products from several Turkish and overseas manufacturers…
Fetas steel shots and grits are well sold in all typical applications of foundries, constructions, steel constructions, shipyards, forgings and many more with perfect finishing. The products conform to SAE, AMS and applicable international standards.

Glass beads with premium Swarco quality

The numerous Swarco bead products comply with national and international standards and mostly bear the CE mark. Customers can choose from a large variety of sizes.

For a number of various applications, Swarco glass beads are used with extreme pleasure differing from sandblasting applications to road-marking, thermoplast and other specific usages.

For all surface treatment applications, Fetas reserves white, brown, pink and ruby aluminiumoxides as well as for those in ceramics and refractory industries.

Calcined aluminas

High purity calcined aluminas are reserved and sold to ceramics, polishing, refractories and other industries.

Saint-Gobain silicon carbide

SiC is a ceramic material with an outstanding hardness, only surpassed by diamond, cubic boron nitride and boron carbide.
Saint-Gobain is the world-leading producer of silicon carbide with high international standards focused on service as well as innovation. Its top quality SiC is used in various applications of refractories, foundries, abrasives, polishing and blasting.

FerroCrtalic shot blast and shot peening machines

Fetas as accompanied by FerroCrtalic with 45 years of tradition and constant development of technology is an indispensable partner in Turkey and the territory.

Trusted by trusting domestic and foreign companies, Fetas and FerroCrtalic are dedicated to unite their profession in the search of solutions of surface treatment where the main advantages are specialization, meeting the needs of the customers, and reliability.

Locating its HQ in Istanbul with a 1500 sqm warehouse, Fetas is going to expand its facilities in a new building within one year with an addition of 6000 sqm area. The company has cooperated with more than 25 domestic and international sales specialists focused on customer-oriented services with local offices and agents in Turkey and abroad.

The company acts like a bridge at the crossroads of East and West, effectively importing different commodities from over 30 manufacturers and exporting to an expanding number of customers in several territories including Taiwan, Greece, the Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, MENA and Turkic countries. Fully dedicated to customer-oriented solutions, it always adapts for constant and sustainable quality...

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