Vol. 13
May Issue
Year 2012


in Vol. 13 - May Issue - Year 2012
Wave Finishing

A medium size unit for Wave Finishing, type RotoTEP-400-2M-E able to process 2 knees per each cycle

A knee after a Wave Finishing process (totally dry)

An example of Wave Finishing machine, type RotoTEP-400-2M-E - the program of this kind of machine is composed of several models in different sizes where this model represents the medium size

Orthopedic components such as knees, femurs, and hips can reach a perfect surface finishing today, with the latest innovation in terms of process technology named "Wave Finishing" recently developed by the R&D center of Rollwasch®. The innovation consists in offering a perfect surface finishing (almost 0,02 µm RA), high gloss and extremely low roughness, with finishing times extremely short (few minutes).

The very interesting innovation of "Wave Finishing" process is not exactly the machine itself, named RotoTEP, but mostly the way to use it (process technology), in combination with the state of the art of Rollwasch® finishing media "QF" (Patent pending, I) and with the latest processing technology named "Rotodry" (Patent pending, I) that enables operation without water, and steps of classical finishing via a wet process.

For the finishing of hips, it is possible to combine an additional feature named "Flow booster" (Patent pending, I), specifically designed for spherical components to assure best sphericity and circularity during the finishing process.

"Wave Finishing" process combines all the three above innovations (Patent pending, I) in one new frontier for perfection in finishing.

In regard to the finishing unit RotoTEP, it can be supplied with or without a robot (optional) for the automatic loading/unloading of the parts.

Author: Paolo Redaelli
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