Vol. 4
January Issue
Year 2003


in Vol. 4 - January Issue - Year 2003
Introduction of the "Official MFN Trainer Team" at the 2003 Shot Peening Workshop

Peter Beckmerhagen, CEO Frohn

Steven Baiker, Managing Director Baiker AG

Giovanni Gregorat, Sales Manager for Pometon S.p.A

Jim Whalen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Progressive Technologies

Dr.-Ing. Heribert Gray (Ph.D.), Chief Editor MFN

Peter Beckmerhagen MFN Trainer Biography

Peter Beckmerhagen was born in 1966 in Altena, Germany and originally apprenticed as a tool and die maker. He later studied Industrial Management at the Ruhr Academy in Bochum. During his studies in Bochum he also worked part time for Frohn and introduced a quality assurance system tailored specifically to the Shot Peening Media Department per ISO standards. Upon graduation from the Ruhr Academy he was hired as full time assistant to the owner of Frohn. In 1995 he established a manufacturing facility for Shot Peening Media in North America. Shortly thereafter in 1996 he was made President and part owner of Frohn GmbH.

Peter has been engaged with and committed to Shot Peening since the early 90’s.
As part of his commitment to the industry he has attended all major Shot Peening workshops and conferences. Not only as an attendee but also as an active participant presenting several papers on separate occasions over the years. He is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Qualitaet (DGQ), the Verband der deutschen Federnindustrie (VDF) and a member of the GAAC German American Chamber of Commerce (GAAC).

Steven Baiker MFN Trainer Biography

Steven Baiker, born in 1966 has majored in mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing. HTL) at the technical university in Rapperswil, Switzerland. Just after majoring he worked as a project engineer for Ciba-Geigy in Kaoshiung, which is in the South of Taiwan. He lived in Taiwan for 3 years before returning to Switzerland to join Baiker AG, a Swiss manufacturer of peening and blasting machines in Zurich. Being 9 years with the company, Steven is now the Managing Director for Baiker AG.

Together with a partner, he opened the peening job shop GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd in Singapore at the end of the year 2000. He gave a paper on shot peening at the ICSP6 in San Francisco and during the ICSP8 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen he was allowed to chair the session „Fatigue of Light-Weight Alloys“.

Steven has organised several shot peening workshops and has written over 70 articles on peening and blasting in a number of surface preparation magazines.  

Giovanni Gregorat MFN Trainer Biography

Giovanni Gregorat is a Sales Manager for Pometon S.p.A., a manufacturer of cast steel shot for peening and blastcleaning located in northeastern Italy. After obtaining a diploma in Business and Accounting, his first employment was in banking, where he started in the Foreign Commerce Department of a large private Italian bank, first in Venice and then in the head office in Milan. In the late 1970‘s and early 1980‘s, he acted as Vice Representative for the same banking group in Hong Kong for 2 years and later as Chief Representative for 4 years in Singapore, where he opened and managed the group‘s new office. During his tenure in Hong Kong, Giovanni also assisted in the establishment and management of a trading company which quickly became active in the growing Chinese foreign trade market.
Giovanni has been with Pometon since 1995, first as a Sales Manager for the company‘s light metals division and currently for their range of cast steel shot and grit. Although a relative newcomer in the field of shotpeening, he has attended several workshops and conferences and has presented papers at the 2nd Asian Shotpeening Workshop in Singapore and at the ICSP8 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Giovanni lives near Venice, Italy.

Jim Whalen MFN Trainer Biography

Jim Whalen is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Progressive Technologies in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jim has been active in the shot peening industry for over 15 years  and holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon receiving his degree, Jim went to work with General Electric and was assigned in various areas of the GE Aircraft Engines manufacturing operation. During this time he was involved in the development and implementation of special processes including shot peening and waterjet cleaning. In 1994 Jim joined Progressive Technologies as the process engineering manager until 1997 when he assumed the responsibilities of his current position. Progressive serves the aerospace, automotive and general equipment industries as a premier manufacturer of shot peening, abrasive blasting, waterjet cleaning, and thermal spray systems.

Dr.-Ing. Heribert Gray (Ph.D.) MFN Trainer Biography

Heribert Gray,  born in 1955, studied General Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr-University in Bochum with the main subjects of Material Science & - Technology for graduated examination, from 1976 – 1983. After the undergraduate examination in 1990 he took a practical year as Works Student at DEMAG-Plastic Extrusions & Mannesmann Metallurgy.  From 1984 till 1987 he intensified his studies of the effects of Shot Peening on the fatigue performance of Titanium Alloys at the technical University of Hamburg. He studied the fatigue performance particularly under the aspect of modification of surface texture and the shifting and changing of residual stress profiles at elevated operational test temperatures. These studies were finished by Ph.D.-Thesis that is showing the effect of shot peening by systematic separation of the main influencing factors on fatigue properties of Titanium alloys, tested at elevated temperature.
Since 1988 Mr. Gray has been engaged with the newly founded Vulkan Blast Shot Technology. After optimization of the production process for atomized stainless steel shot he is now engaged in optimization of Shot Blasting & Peening Processes on an international basis. He did introduce spherical conditioned cut wire as optimized shot peening- and peen forming media at the Boeing Corporation. Heribert Gray also is a Certified (European) Welding Engineer. He is a member of the DGM, Shot-Peening- and Titanium Group & Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), engaged in the Group for Materials Engineering and Sales Engineers.