Vol. 14
May Issue
Year 2013


in Vol. 14 - May Issue - Year 2013
Wave Finishing Process

A Chromium Cobalt Knee after "wave finishing" process, held by the robot clamp

An example of robotic island RW-1949 including, on the left side, the grinding heads and, on the right side, the wave finishing area

RoboTEP identifies the range of wave finishing machines, made by Rollwasch®, to perform modern and accurate finishing process on orthopedic components, endoprosthesis and implants.

RoboTEP machines allow the fixing of pieces to be worked, for example chromium cobalt knees, on suitable frames, avoiding shocks and or protecting peculiar area, whenever required, with suitable masks.

Thanks to the robot, it is possible to program a selective action, in order to insist on the portions of area where the finishing is required and avoiding the area where the part does not need the finishing at all.

The improved processes allow finishing levels with final roughness equal or up to 0,02 µm RA.

Today, companies need to optimize the ratio between costs and benefits and provide solutions like the systems where one (or two) robot(s) is (are) providing first the necessary geometry of the part towards accurate steps of grinding (rough, medium, fins, very fine, extra fine), with some peculiar heads designed to reach complicated areas – then the wave finishing double-step of smoothing and polishing gives the final result to the surface, with accurate and homogeneous results.

RoboTEP demonstration systems are available in the laboratories of Rollwasch® in Italy, in the industrial area of Brianza, located between North of Milan and Switzerland.

A video related to wave finishing is available at: www.rollwasch.it –> english language –> wave finishing

Author: Paolo Redaelli
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