Vol. 14
November Issue
Year 2013


in Vol. 14 - November Issue - Year 2013
Cleanliness Inspection Of Part Surfaces Assures High Quality Before Coating

The hand-held measuring device SITA CleanoSpector reliably and easily detects organic residual contamination on surfaces

SITA clean line CI - Inline cleanliness inspection of surfaces

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SITA Messtechnik GmbH develops, produces and sells devices for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids, fully automatic foam testers for analyzing the foaming behavior of liquids, as well as fluorescence measuring technique for controlling the cleanliness of parts and for monitoring the contamination level in process liquids. The measuring devices are robust and very easy to operate. Furthermore, they are used in research and development laboratories of the chemical industry for analysis and quality assurance tasks and in the field of surface technology for monitoring and controlling processes.

Coatings, bonding as well as welding processes, require high cleanliness of parts' surfaces. Slight traces of contamination such as oils, greases, cooling lubricants or cleaner residues hinder these processes and lead to quality problems with high follow-up costs. By using the SITA fluorescence measuring technology for continuous cleanliness inspection of parts directly after cleaning, such quality problems can be prevented.
The mobile and easy-to-handle fluorescence measuring device SITA CleanoSpector detects even the slightest residual contamination on surfaces by using the characteristic feature of organic substances such as oils, greases and surfactants to fluoresce when excited with ultraviolet light. The measurement of the fluorescence enables the evaluation of the amount of contamination on the parts surface and thus, the inspection of cleanliness.
The SITA CleanoSpector has successfully proven itself worldwide in various applications from cleanliness inspection of automobile piston shafts over medical instruments to the smallest parts in the watch industry.
For fully-automated contact-free cleanliness inspection, the SITA Messtechnik GmbH has developed the process measuring technology SITA clean line CI. Depending on the application, the measuring system is specifically adapted to different processes. Line scans of production line processes as well as entire parts surfaces can be inspected within a short period of time.

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