Vol. 15
September Issue
Year 2014


in Vol. 15 - September Issue - Year 2014
Dry and Wet Blasting Machines made in India

Wet blasting machine

Dry & wet blasting machine

Surface International has developed state-of-the-art Dry and Wet Blasting Machinery used to provide micro roughness on external diameter of piston rings of two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. This controlled roughness is required to achieve adequate roughness before chrome plating or moly spray. The credit of achieving non-peelable coating rests on the surface preparation.

The machine entails a substantially built blast cabinet suitably reinforced and rubber lined to retard wear. A variable AC drive-controlled nozzle reciprocation system is placed on the roof of the machine with four suction blast guns strategically positioned on a jig to ensure uniform coverage of the blasting stream on the mandrel holding piston rings. The piston rings are stacked in two tiers to achieve higher output. This mandrel is mounted on a variable speed turntable and clamped by a pneumatically operated revolving centre positioned on the roof of the blast cabinet. A pleated bag dust collector to remove the dust generated during blasting and an abrasive recovery system to recycle the used abrasives after segregating the usable abrasives from non-usable abrasives is standard supply with the machine.

The control of the machine is through a cubical panel with switchgears, VAC, PLC and touch screen HMI from International Reputed Brands. Sequence of operation of all motors, solenoid valves etc. are depicted on the touch screen panel. The machine is menu-driven. Faults if any are visible on the touch screen. To make the machine more user friendly, each blast gun is fitted with a flow control valve, which gives an alarm if any nozzle is chocked. A temperature-controlled heating coil is provided in the storage hopper to avoid coagulation of the abrasive media due to moisture in the air. Any drop in the level of abrasives in the storage hopper below the defined level is indicated by an alarm. All these features have made the machine a foolproof system to achieve the desired roughness on the piston rings.

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