Vol. 16
January Issue
Year 2015

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in Vol. 16 - January Issue - Year 2015
Pulse Finishing - High-Speed Finishing of Sensitive and Complex Workpieces

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3: Workpiece

Fig. 4: Initial burring in transverse bore hole

Fig. 5: After one minute without pulsation

Fig. 6: After one minute with pulsation

SF-3 Front view

As one of the leading and technologically most creative suppliers of surface finishing systems in the European market, OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH, has developed a further component for its proven stream-finishing system, which owes its success to the excellent results obtained. This new component does full justice to the most demanding requirements in matters of deburring. "Pulse finishing" is the name that has been given to this latest technical achievement that enables parts for extremely sensitive applications such as hydraulics and complex tools like thread-cutting taps as well as fuel injection systems to be finished with absolute precision.

The principle behind this new concept, which enables up to five workpieces to receive a perfect surface finish at the same time in less than a minute, harnesses the power of finely tuned relative movement between abrasive media and workpiece. The workpiece is taken up for example, by a gripper, and immersed in a media stream (see Fig. 1), where it is accelerated to a speed of up to 2,000 rpm in the shortest possible time, then immediately decelerated before a further phase of acceleration commences (hence the name 'pulse finishing').

Assisted by the inertia of the media - i.e. as a result of the differing speeds of the two elements - the desired grinding effect gives high-precision deburring even in places previously inaccessible to mass finishing processes, such as the transverse bore holes of hydraulic components. (see Figs. 3-6)

With the new pulse finishing system, OTEC has once again demonstrated its innovative strength and technical creativity by not merely responding quickly to market demands but by anticipating them and acting ahead of time.

The company:

OTEC is a medium-sized manufacturer of drag finishing, disc finishing and stream finishing machines. Founded by Helmut Gegenheimer in 1996, the company has steadily established itself on the market by developing innovative new machine concepts and numerous patented processes. Initially, this was in the jewellery industry, then increasingly in the tool making, pharmaceutical and automobile industries as well as in the area of medical devices and CNC machining. The key to success has always been the development of new, better solutions, which have proven to be superior to previous surface finishing processes. Today, OTEC is the technological leader in many markets and maintains a network of branches worldwide.

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