Vol. 16
July Issue
Year 2015


in Vol. 16 - July Issue - Year 2015
First Rod Transducer For Multifrequency Ultrasound


Weber Ultrasonics, one of the world's leading manufacturers of ultrasonic components, presents the first rod transducer for multifrequency ultrasound in the form of the SONOPUSH MONO TWIN. It is designed for the 25 and 40kHz frequencies often used in industrial component cleaning, has a length of 300mm, and offers power output of 900 Watt. The new rod transducer thus enables single and multi-chamber cleaning units to be equipped with multifrequency ultrasound for the first time while saving space and money. All-round emittance of ultrasound produces a homogeneous sound field. At the same time, the innovative SONOPUSH MONO TWIN impresses with very high efficiency. The solid rod transducer is made of a special titanium alloy that is perfectly suited to processes under vacuum and positive pressure. Sound waves are created by a matching ultrasonic generator.

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