Vol. 4
July Issue
Year 2003


in Vol. 4 - July Issue - Year 2003
Glas-Shot Microbead

Typical Glas-Shot Applications

Typical Glas-Shot Applications

Typical Glas-Shot Applications

Typical Glas-Shot Applications

 In the Spotlight

Cataphote Inc.,based in Flowood, Mississippi, has been a pioneer in glass bead technology related to metal finishing and road striping for over 50 years. Cataphote recently received ISO 9001:2000 certification enabling the company to be a preferred vendor for many distributors.

Cataphote Glas-Shot is a unique media for surface treatment of metal surfaces and currently the only glass bead that has earned ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

Considering the length of time involved in the certification process, Glas-Shot could maintain its status as the industry‘s only ISO 9001: 2000-certified glass bead for a number of years.
ISO 9001: 2000 provides companies with a quality system that standardizes operations to form a chain of accountability, ensure product uniformity and allow for quality control in a global market. Additionally, it helps manufacturers increase operational efficiency, enhance communication and save money, ultimately resulting in greater profitability.
According to Vincent Gurzo, President and CEO of Cataphote, Inc, Glas-Shot’s ISO 9001: 2000 compliance has given Cataphote distributors a significant advantage in the marketplace.
“More and more manufacturers are requiring that all vendors in the product chain be ISO 9001: 2000-certified. The bottom line is, vendors who do not comply will be unable to do business with the growing list of manufacturers who require certification. Having the only certified glass bead gives our distributors and their customers a tremendous edge. Equally important, it ensures that manufacturers are getting the highest quality possible in a glass bead.”

A closer look at Glas-Shot Microbeads

Manufactured from high-grade, optical crown glass, Glas-Shot Microbeads are high in silica content, contain no lead and are resistant to atmospheric moisture, diluted acids and alkalies. The exceptional physical characteristics of Glas-Shot allow a broad range of applications that are almost impossible with other media.
From cleaning and grinding to deburring, metal finishing and shot peening, Glas-Shot is more than up to the task. Tough mill scale can be removed from raw titanium, yet the finest finish may be applied to precision gear teeth. Its use adds life to dies, bearings and shafts, will blend tool marks from machined parts, perform light deburring and even finish magnesium.
Glas-Shot is impinged upon the surface by a fluid stream through a nozzle to mechanically treat that surface. The nature and degree of treatment are controlled by the size of Glas-Shot used, fluid operating pressures and exposure time.  Virtually any wet-blast or dry-blast equipment  may be used.
Unlike some other media, Cataphote Glas-Shot removes no base metals, leaves no imbedment, and seldom requires masking–even when precision parts are involved. Glas-Shot also makes possible the establishment of repeatable precision standards for mass production techniques. This eliminates custom handwork previously thought to be the only solution in many operations.

Manufacturers save money with Glas-Shot

Because the range of Glas-Shot applications is so broad, the need for multiple equipment such as chemical baths, tumbling barrels and degreasers is significantly decreased. Glas-Shot’s speed and efficiency can enhance even the most streamlined production operation, saving both time and money. And efficiency isn’t the only way Glas-Shot helps manufacturers save money. The uniformity of Glas-Shot’s performance has practically eliminated rejects in many operations, resulting in long-term cost savings to the manufacturer.


Physical properties of Glas Shot Micro Bead

Shape: Spherical
Color: Clear
Hardness: 515 kg/mm2
Compressive strength: 36,000 psi (avg.)
Density: 2.5 g/cc
Specific gravity: 2.45 – 2.50
Free Silica Content: 0%

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