Vol. 17
March Issue
Year 2016


in Vol. 17 - March Issue - Year 2016
The New Generation Of Test Sieve Shakers

"Making proven technology even better". This is the motto under which the EML 200 range was revamped and improved.

The design represents a smooth evolution. Unobtrusive yet comprehensive changes have been made from top to bottom.

The extra-large display offers operators an excellent overview and is user-friendly.

The design and function of the lid has been specifically developed. The wide-spreading spray diffuser is elegantly integrated into the cover, offering improved handling.

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HAVER & BOECKER is a traditional family-managed, midsize company with headquarters in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany. Under the umbrella of HAVER & BOECKER OHG, one finds the Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions. Together with over 50 subsidiary companies on all five continents, they make up the HAVER Group, which has more than 2,898 employees and 150 representatives. In 2014, the HAVER Group posted a sales turnover of 428 million euros. The Wire Weaving Division produces woven wire cloth and processes it into engineered woven wire products. They are used for screening and filtration by the chemical, plastics, automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics, foodstuffs and feed industries, as well as for architectural applications and analysis sieves. The Machinery Division specialises in packing and weighing technology. It develops, produces and markets systems and plants for filling and processing loose, bulk materials of every type. The product range includes packing and loading systems for powder-type and granulated materials, packing machines for filling food and animal feed, as well as filling stations and complete filling lines for liquid and pasty products. The product range is supplemented by screening machines, machines for washing, pelletizing plates, agitators, mixers, palletizing and loading systems, silos, ship loading and unloading equipment.

Oelde, January 2016...Haver & Boecker present the new generation: HAVER EML laboratory machines

"Making proven technology even better". This is the motto under which the EML 200 range was revamped and improved.

The HAVER EML 200 Premium offers practical innovation - it is much quieter than its predecessor model and so allows comfortable work in the laboratory environment along with high performance. Moreover the damping system has been overhauled. The transmission of vibrations to the base is strongly reduced by an improved damping system. The extra-large display provides a good overview and provides intuitive handling.

With wet screening, the HAVER EML 200 Remote comes in operation with the proven external control unit and is flexibly placed in the laboratory. The cover's function and design have been optimized. The wide-spreading spray diffuser is elegantly integrated in the cover and so handling is improved. The viewing-glass-equipped cover allows normal observation of material during the sieving process. In addition the large display goes to work.

In addition to the Premium version, there will also be the HAVER EML Pure. The new test sieve shaker offers complete clarity in operation. In addition to the timer setting and the amplitude assignment of coarse or fine, no further adjustments are necessary to start the sieving process. The new HAVER EML Pure is highly suitable as the basis model for standard analyses.

All three test sieve shakers operate independently of power supply and frequency, and thus can be used without transformers worldwide. The HAVER EML 200 series is suitable for analysis sieves up to 203 mm in diameter and for a maximum sample amount of up to 3 kg.

With the HAVER EML 200 Premium, Pure, and Remote the new design is a smooth evolution. Subdued yet significant changes were undertaken from top to bottom. The main characteristics were worked out and changed in cooperation with an industrial designer - the result is a unit that is sleek, streamline and optimal for use in the laboratory.

The new HAVER EML 200 generation of laboratory test sieve shakers were presented to the international public for the first time at ACHEMA in Frankfurt and has replaced the current EML 200 digital plus generation of HAVER test sieve shakers.

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