Vol. 17
July Issue
Year 2016


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in Vol. 17 - July Issue - Year 2016
Evolutions of Precision Material Removal Finishing

Paolo Redaelli, C.E.O. of Rollwasch

Orbital RWO-D-520 Vibrodry - Suitable for metal, polymer and wood parts finishing

Eccentric Finishing compact unit type Ipermatic TEP-300-EF

Evolution of Mass Metal Finishing to Precision Material Removal Finishing

RESS - Rollwasch Environment Sustainable Strategy

Wave Finishing system combined to belt grinding, type: RTP-331CAX2-L2-C2-1C220-D-PC-MS-DST-2SM-LOG

MFN was able to get an interview with Paolo Redaelli, C.E.O. of Rollwasch® Italiana S.p.a..

Your company is well known for mass finishing. Could you please introduce what strong points are especially worth mentioning?
Rollwasch has, first of all, a very important historical and continuity value.
In fact, Rollwasch is the first Italian company established in 1950, based on Italian technology and style.
In almost 66 years of qualified competence, strong points emerged from the activity of Rollwasch are, undoubtedly, the maintenance of an unique brand owned by the same family, corresponding nowadays to three Redaelli family generations respectively:
Giuseppe Redaelli, founder in the beginning of 1950;
Paolo Redaelli (first son of Giuseppe), entering at Rollwasch in 1977, and actual C.E.O. - cooperating with his brothers Roberto/Managing Director, Raffaele/Sales manager and Ambra/Financial manager;
Giorgio Redaelli (first born of Paolo), entering at Rollwasch in 2001, and actual technical manager and robotic engineering specialist - cooperating also with his sister Michela Redaelli/Management assistant;
Rollwasch has consolidated a strategical Knowhow as manufacturer both of finishing systems like vibratory finishing machines, drag finishing, disc finishing, and many further advanced solutions based on robotics and automation; and consumables as media and compounds.
Besides the experience acquired as a manufacturer, Rollwasch has developed an excellent competence in the so called "process technology" that, in other words, corresponds to the ability to combine the finishing machines with the most suitable media and compounds, without forgetting and taking into consideration the best environmental strategy and solution to reduce pollution. Some of these are water treatment or air filtering, noise protection and paying special care to undoubtedly the whole working process.
The feasibility of the above knowhow is granted by non-stop R&D activity that has been increased since 2010, with the deposit of about ten (10) significant patent demands, including innovative media, finishing process, water treatment and filtering solutions.

We would like to know your achievements in further areas. Which further products/technologies does Rollwasch provide?

To provide modern services and products updated with the state of the art of Mass Metal Finishing, in the recent years Rollwasch has made a serious distinction between:
MMF - the classic methods employed from decennia, typical of the well-known Mass Metal Finishing, and
PMRF – the innovative finishing technologies arising with the newest machines and processes, defined as Precision Material Removal Finishing.
In the area of PMRF the investments in Research & Development activities has been extremely intense at Rollwasch.
In fact it has produced several patents supporting the Drag Finishing and the Wave Finishing technologies at 360° with at least 6 major Patents pending (I) – part of these solutions has already been presented on the market, a part is still unrevealed, although during the year 2016 almost all will be presented.
The new horizons available with the PMRF technologies developed by Rollwasch are indeed promising important targets, either from automation or from precision and perfection of finishing level, particularly on complex shapes or on parts having very limited tolerances.

Can you describe the term "eco-friendly"?

The term "eco-friendly" is an easy way to identify all those kinds of finishing processes, media, compound, even finishing systems which are part of the widest skyline of RESS, the acronym standing for: Rollwasch Environment Sustainable Strategy.
Just for example, at Rollwasch we have started the re-formulation of just about all our chemical compounds (at that time nearby 450 different formulas) in 1991, anticipating in several years, de facto, the REACH directive.
All our chemical compounds, after the reformulation called "Europa Series" have been suitable to reduce, sometimes drastically, the water treatment costs.
But this example is only a first step of the green will of Rollwasch to combine, on one hand, competitiveness, and on the other hand, solutions going in the right direction of the environment in respect to and preservation of pollution.
In fact, in the following years, the RESS has involved many more products, media, finishing processes and, behind all, also innovative manufacturing procedures avoiding or reducing drastically CO2 emissions, using only renewable energies like photovoltaic panels, recyclable materials, etc.
Our vision of the future is, in the medium terms within 2020, reducing drastically the waste produced in most cases by the finishing processes, while at the same time, migrating the production of some polluting media, like classic plastic and ceramic, the production of which generates a lot of CO2 emissions, waste and, on the end-user side made in huge quantities, towards the new QF media, based on highly sustainable or green fabrication technology.

Let's talk about the different services Rollwasch provides?

Rollwasch has been associated with the "Lombardy Aerospace Cluster" (Italy) since 2015, and is in progress to obtain EN-9100 certification, to better support all projects in the aerospace environment, providing pilot pre-series finishing tasks, with the support of its Robotic Systems.
The new pilot Wave Finishing unit, is available not only for aerospace field, but can be also used for automotive, medical, precision mechanic, and similar fields, and is designed to perform pilot production simulations for clients who need to evaluate repeatability and traceability demonstrations, advantaging their decision BEFORE investment.
Rollwasch is therefore able to provide ISO-9001 repeatable and traceable finishing tasks for almost all fields, including tasks according to EN-9100 standards wherever required.
The Wave finishing unit combined with the belt grinding RTP-331CAX2-L2-C2-1C220-D-PC-MS-DST-2SM-LOG is designed to start any finishing task by providing the BAR-CODE of the operator, combined with the BAR-CODE of the finishing task of each component compatible with this system.

MFN would like to thank Paolo Redaelli for the interview!

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