Vol. 4
July Issue
Year 2003


in Vol. 4 - July Issue - Year 2003
DISA introducing a complete Air Cleaning System

Aluminium Shot Blasting Machine connected to Explosion-proof Filter with Spark Detection and Emission Monitoring Device

The modern foundry is subject to strict legislation and regulations with regard to emissions both in the workplace itself and in the surrounding environment. State-of-the-art dust collecting and filtration technologies mean that foundries can now meet all demands. At GIFA 2003, DISA presented a filter connected to an aluminium shot blasting machine. The filter is explosion-proof and features a spark-detecting device together with an emission monitoring system, and other innovative features. In addition, DISA is introducing a new aerosol filter to complete the DISA filter programme. The new, cyclonic MISTRAL Aerosol filter with 3-step-filtration is an innovation in the sector of aerosol and emulsion separators. This filter is designed for applications in the foundry and metal working industry - especially in processes such as drilling, lathering, grinding, hardening, milling etc.
Visitors to the DISA stand, had the opportunity to discuss topics ranging across the entire foundry with specialist staff and representatives from DISA‘s worldwide network of subsidiaries and agencies. There was a particular focus on sand testing where DISA will present a number of innovative instruments, customer services such as retrofits, rebuilds and remote diagnosis, and support.

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