Vol. 18
September Issue
Year 2017


in Vol. 18 - September Issue - Year 2017
The Best Way For Trials

Jenoptik rugosimeter detecting a surface

Vibrodry finishing machines, type SMR

Rotodry finishing of aluminium machined parts

Aluminium laser cut Rotodry finished parts

Rotodry Tumbler type DMF-A100 - closed

Rotodry Tumbler type DMF-A100 - open barrel

HPM Dry Technology vibratory finishing unit

HPM system with suitable vacuum filter

Trial is the "keyword" that for Rollwasch means: test, test room, test lab.

Trial is repeated and emphasized for any new Rollwasch "finishing project", where a completely renewed showroom and test-room are going to be inaugurated in September 2017, with a double concept:


To demonstrate the "state of the art" of the new solutions, with peculiar attention to the hardware.


To demonstrate to new potential customers the real capacity and assure the required quality and quantity.

Anyway, Rollwasch maintains the "Pilot-production" service.


It is possible to launch and develop projects with the aim to support important R&D projects, with a participation to the costs. Support is also given in cases where extended trials and/or real finishing simulation in several conditions, or in repeated conditions under statistic evaluation of the results, are required.

Most of the projects developed with the "Pilot Production" service are protected by "NDA" or "Non Disclosure Agreements". To create the most favourable environment where to operate in these conditions, at Rollwasch, a specific "NDA" area has been created. This area includes "Wave Finishing" robotic islands, vibratory finishing, drag finishing, carving finishing, ultrasonic washing, aspersion washing, sand blasting and similar processes.

A double metrology area has been provided to keep the two environments separate, respectively, the Trial "open door" and Show room, open to any new project and the Pilot production area, restricted to specific projects and limited mainly to NDA agreements. The two metrology labs are working in parallel and with high quality metrology devices, although oriented to different areas.

Rollwasch new Show-room and Test-room illustrate the difference between wet and dry process areas.

In the Dry-process area, Rollwasch shows machines that are able to apply new generation finishing processes like:

Vibrodry(1) units for dry finishing with vibrators and special polymeric long-life media range "QF"(2);

It is also foreseen to show Rotodry(3) tumbling processes machines, units for dry finishing with rotary barrels and special polymeric long-life media range "QF" or with special media in hard metal;

In the "dry" processes area, it is finally foreseen to show machines for "HPM-DRY-TECHNOLOGY", where HPM is the acronym for "High Performance Media", the latest design of Rollwasch high-density finishing media;

Rollwasch is maintaining the promise to follow its "Road Map 2030", an important program explained in detail on Rollwasch Website at the section "news": http://www.rollwasch.it/en/news.

In fact, with the program of dry-finishing processes like "Vibrodry", "Rotodry" and "HPM Dry Technology", combined with the high automated and low polluting finishing processes "Microfluid"(4), Rollwasch is following an innovative and revolutionary path, based on continuous R&D activity, tending to offer alternative and competitive solutions to the market of today and tomorrow, with common sense.

(1) Vibrodry is a special Rollwasch dry finishing process (patent pending - I)
(2) QF media, achronym for "QuattroFinish" media is a special Rollwasch polimeric media with long life (patent pending - I)
(3) Rotodry is a special Rolalwasch tumbling process (patent pending - I)
(4) Microfluid is a special Rollwasch wet finishing process (patent pending - I)

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