Vol. 18
September Issue
Year 2017


in Vol. 18 - September Issue - Year 2017
Much More Power And Space

New DF-5/330 wet

Workpiece holders 1

Workpiece holders 2

Using a forklift to change containers

Pump unit

From Customised Solution To Series Production Model

The customer’s requirements for finishing gear wheels presented a considerable challenge: a completely new machine concept for holding large and heavy workpieces needed to be developed. The result is the biggest and most powerful DF machine that OTEC has so far put on the market.

The task was the deburring of gear wheels, whereby two gear wheels had to be held in each workpiece holder. It was also necessary to observe a maximum processing time of four minutes and to keep the loading/unloading time down to four minutes too, giving a throughput time of 16 seconds, corresponding to 225 workpieces per hour.

The initial test runs with sample workpieces pointed to drag finishing as the most suitable process; this is where the best results were obtained. Thanks to the independent rotation of the workpieces inside the process container, the gear wheels were deburred evenly. This made it clear that the DF-5 Standard would be used as a basis and that it would need to be equipped with a lot more space and much more power. The existing standard machine was redesigned to enable it to accommodate up to five workpiece holders with a minimum circumscribed circle of max. 330 mm.

The workpiece holder has now become bigger and more adaptable, and because of the weights involved, it is compatible with the new S9 adaptor. Up to five workpiece holders with three adaptors each can be used in the new DF-5/330 wet. The machine can now accommodate tool diameters of max. 330 mm, tool weights of up to 20 kg and tool lengths of 280 mm. Each adaptor can hold two workpieces. In order to achieve the tremendous forces and processing power required, a two-motor version of the planetary drive system was chosen so that the drag speed and holder rotary speed can be adjusted independently of one another.

Further special features are the spacious container with its large diameter and generous volume and the tailor-made lifting station.

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