Vol. 20
January Issue
Year 2019

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in Vol. 20 - January Issue - Year 2019
The "State Of The Art" Of Vibratory Finishing Combined with Robot And Industry 4.0.

Top view of a Rotosync Vibratory finishing machine during the unloading phase of a couple of workpieces mounted on a holding frame, by means of a Robot Comau of 210 kg

After the central shaft has lifted up the frame, the robot has removed it

The two images a and b show a project including 4 vibratory finishing units and one rotary table to load/unload the workpieces (aluminium wheels)

Side view of the operation to remove the frame from the vibratory finishing machine

The increased precision of several kinds of components in almost all technological fields like Aerospace, Power Engineering, Automotive and Industrial Vehicles, Medical and Additive Manufacturing, induces reduction of the roughness of surfaces in specific areas or, to radius edges, remove burrs, and increase smoothness or brightening.

At the same time, because of the precision of the components, no shocks are acceptable.

A new vision is revealed by Rollwasch, with the LERFIT program of Robotic finishing systems, high-performing systems combined with an innovative program of processing technologies. 

LERFIT is the acronym of Leading Edge Robotic Finishing Technologies and opens a new chapter of solutions provided by the Italian Company Rollwasch®, strongly derived from long experience and know-how in MMF (Mass Metal Finishing) and PMRF (Precision Material Removal Finishing).

A concert of Leading Edge Robotic solutions is offered with the LERFIT philosophy, combining innovative and exclusive solutions, almost all of which are covered by Rollwasch® patent pending design or by a PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty.

One of the several solutions provided is represented by the RoboKEM Finishing systems.

RoboKEM Finishing is an innovative program of vibratory finishing machines, combined with special "Microfluid processes", and manufactured upon special design specifications and able to be combined with robotic loading and unloading tasks. 

Both circular and trough vibrators compatible with the RoboKEM systems philosophy are available to support this smart vibratory finishing technology, in order to provide very high automation level, finishing results and Industry 4.0 compliance for the finishing of:

Aerospace components
Roller bearing components
Long and/or heavy blades for energy field
Many other precision components, also heavy

Special circular vibratory finishing machines, with central shaft able to move upwards and downwards into the mass of finishing media and to clamp a frame supporting the workpieces, loaded and unloaded by means of a robot, is only a part of the program.

In fact, a second option is offered by special trough vibrators, having a similar system to move upwards and downwards into the mass of finishing media with a frame supporting long blades or similar long components for their perfect finishing in a full automation environment.

Concerning the advantages offered by the "Microfluid processes" (Patent pending – I), a special finishing process having high automation and efficiency with very low-volume consumption of water, several editorials have been published on MFN and on many other technical and specialistic reviews in recent years.

A basic element of all the "Microfluid processes" is the full automation of the dosage of chemical finishing compounds – at the same time a robot can manage several machines (about 5 or 6 based on a 6-axis robot), and to infinitum in case of adding a further 7th axis.

A demonstration Pilot System is available at Rollwasch to offer a "Pilot Production" service, consisting of the possibility to manage a pre-series production, with generous contribution to the overall costs.

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