Vol. 20
July Issue
Year 2019


in Vol. 20 - July Issue - Year 2019
MFN Shot Peening and Flap Peening Workshop in Singapore that took place from the 14th-16th of May, 2019

MFN Trainer Shlomo Ramati demonstrates the function of a flow rate valve

State of the art shot peening machine used for the practical training

Almost two decades ago, MFN organised its first shot peening training in Singapore. Ever since, it has trained hundreds of personnel serving in sectors like the aviation, automobile, oil and gas and aerospace industries, as well as academicians and research experts in and around Singapore every year. It has been remarkable that the participants want to come again and again for updating their knowledge on shot peening taught by MFN.
MFN always keeps adding updated information to their programs and investigates what more it can offer to the participants. There is a comprehensive theory presentation that covers all the aspects of shot peening. Like intensity, coverage, saturation, media inspection, stress measurement, advanced alternative technologies, as well as facing and conducting shot peening audits. Apart from this, practical training is now also part of the training curriculum.
It is a matter of great pride for MFN that the current training program took place at the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), led by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It has been so for many years. The Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre or ARTC is a world class research organisation in Singapore. They have the most advanced robotic shot peening machines, stress measurement equipment, and media testing devices installed in their facility. Practical training is conducted on the same machines.
MFN is most likely the only educational organisation that offers practical shot peening training on a Robotic Peening Machine in Singapore. The main advantage of practical training is getting to know the machine and processes closely. Practical training covers procedures in process establishment like attaching Almen strips on dummy parts, plotting saturation curves, media examination, and coverage tests.
The trainers at MFN have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Due to this, the participants are able to get answers to their daily issues faced while implementing standard procedures.
Hands-on practical training is also offered for flap peening. The participants train themselves in the skills required to use the flap peening tool effectively. They are not only able to peen the part to induce compressive stress but also acquire the skills to straighten the parts through peen forming.
The participants at MFN shot peening training obtain a complete experience and enrich their know-how. This allows them to benefit from it after they go back to their respective organisations.

Author: Rishabh Shah
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