Vol. 5
January Issue
Year 2004


in Vol. 5 - January Issue - Year 2004
Peening Accessories GmbH strengthens its Position in the Far East

Peening Accessories booth at the MFN Trade Show in Singapore with the different distributors.
For Singapore: Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd.
For Malaysia: Indpro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
For Thailand: Abrasive Engineering
(Thailand) Co., Ltd,
For Indonesia: PT Gema Pola Persada

The German manufacturer of Almen strips, holders and gages decided to improve its global network of local distributors in the Far East.
In September 2003, Peening Accessories GmbH (PA) appointed the company Abrasive Engineering in Singapore, a manufacturer of peening and blasting equipment, to become a local distributor. Abrasive Engineering is owned by Mr. S. H. Tan. Discussion discovered that he was also a partner in several other companies in the same field in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. To serve the customers in the best possible fashion, it made sense to make use of this established network, since it is certainly easier to justify carrying a reasonable amount of Almen products in stock if 4 companies in the region can benefit. So after meeting members of all 4 companies during the MFN Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show in Singapore this November, PA was pleased to add them to their network of distributors. During the 3 day Trade Show, a detailed product training was given.
The 4 companies which are owned or co-owned by Mr. S. H. Tan and which represent PA are:
In Singapore:
Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd
Tel: +65.686 34555, Fax: +65.686 39021
E-mail: abrasive@singnet.com.sg
In Thailand:
Abrasive Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Tel: +662.720 4400
E-mail: uniroyal@clickta.com
In Malaysia:
Indpro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603.7880 2323
E-mail: hq@indpro.com.my
In Indonesia:
PT Gema Pola Persada
17116 Tel: (021) 821 6720
E-mail: bmhendra@dnet.net.id

Furthermore Peening Accessories had the chance to talk to Paul Radulescu, the Vice President of ISPC Surface Preparation Asia. Paul offered to represent PA for the China region.

In China:
ISPC Surface Preparation Asia
Tel. +852.2827.1927
E-mail: info@surfacepreparation.com.hk

For Information:
Peening Accessories GmbH (Sales Office)
Tel.: +41.1.831 2644, Fax: +41.1.831 2645
E-mail: info@peeningaccessories.com www.peeningaccessories.com