Vol. 22
May Issue
Year 2021


in Vol. 22 - May Issue - Year 2021
Internal Blasting Of Pipes And Tubes Has Never Been Easier!

Figure 1: Inside and outside blasted pipes ensure excellent surface protection and secures high quality of the final pipe coating

Figure 2: Custom-built Pipe InBlast machine by FerroECOBlast® Europe for internal pipe blasting with customized software based on Industry 4.0 technology

Figure 3: Abrasive material reaches the inside surface of pipes with the help of internal blasting nozzles

Figure 4: Automated through-feed-type machine with a pipe lifting, positioning and rotating mechanism that allows complete in-line integration or standalone off-line installation

Figure 5: Fully automated and controlled blasting process to ensure uniform internal surface roughness and cleanliness of pipes

Figure 6: A chain screen absorbs abrasive blows without losses, stopping the abrasive gently without damaging and at the same time protecting the machine interior from damage

Fully controlled automated heavy-duty pipe InBlast machine with unique built-in solutions for uniform surface roughness and cleanliness.

Pipe blasting is one of the key techniques for ensuring better surface protection in the production of pipelines for the oil, gas, and other industries. To secure high quality of the final pipe coating, the processes of pre-heating, blasting, dust removal, and occasionally acid washing are used for getting pipes ready for the application of coating.

Internal sandblasting of pipes provides uniform surface roughness and cleanliness, which is important for the preparation of pipes for subsequent processing such as bending and surface protection. With more than 55 years of experience, FerroECOBlast® Europe, based in Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia, is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of surface treatment technologies. Their controlled, state-of-the-art automatic pipe blasting equipment follows the latest European industry standards for surface treatment and meets all the requirements of ISO 16961-2015 and ISO 8501-xx, always striving to deliver the best solution for every customer's needs.
Methods of internal sandblasting of pipes:
Two methods are generally used for the internal sandblasting of pipes:
1. One or more parallel pipes rotate on driven rollers, and a lance with one or more lateral nozzles travels inside the pipe, blasting it along the way.
2. A pipe is placed onto a bed, and a rotary sandblasting head with several nozzles travels along the entire length of the pipe, blasting it as it moves.
Pressure blasting: 
In the internal blasting process, the inside surface of pipes is blasted using a blast lance system. Abrasive material reaches the inside surface of pipes with the help of compressed air by using various types of nozzles. During this process, all pipes are positioned into enclosed chambers, allowing air to flow and preventing abrasives, dust and debris from escaping. This way, all the material stays inside the chamber and is separated, recycled and air-filtered, which is a feature unique to FerroECOBlast® Europe machines.
Having recognized the huge importance of the cleaning process for the coating quality, they constantly seek to improve the production process and adapt their machines accordingly to the various specifications of the pipe.
Their unique solution delivers a fully automated and controlled blasting process, where constant quality, process repeatability and high productivity are ensured by setting a combination of optimal parameters for each pipe, such as pipe diameter and length, pipe rotation speed, sandblasting pressure, nozzle speed, blowing pressure, and more.
Thanks to its functional versatility, the internal pipe blasting machine allows either complete in-line integration into production or standalone off-line installation. When installed in-line, an automated conveyor feeds pipes into the blasting machine and then unloads them onto the conveyor line for the next process. When installed off-line, the machine allows autonomous positioning independently from other processes and is equipped with its own loading and unloading mechanism. For best production output, two pipes can be processed simultaneously. 
Standard pipe in-blast installations by FerroECOBlast® Europe are suitable for processing pipes with diameters ranging from 100 mm up to 700 mm and lengths ranging from 4.0 m or less and up to 12 m or more. Other dimensions and custom-built machines are also available on request.
Main installation components:
- Automated loading ramp
- Blasting chamber 
- Pipe length and diameter measuring device
- Pipe lifting, positioning and rotating mechanism
- Unloading ramp
- Precise servo-driven trolley with blasting nozzles
- Complete blasting medium recovery and filtration system with pressure blasting system
- Electric control box with a large touch screen panel and customized software based on Industry 4.0 technology
Key benefits of the installation:
- In-line integration into new and existing installations
- Automatization – the system is completely automated from loading onwards. The automatic system offers 100% repeatability, runs 24/7, and maximizes the quality of end products
- Rigid blasting machine with additional wear protection solutions, safety and warning system
- High productivity – achieving the shortest cycle time and increasing operational capacities
- Flexibility and user-friendly operation
- Cost reduction – minimal manual input means substantial cost savings for the customer. Constant reuse of abrasive materials
- Environmentally friendly – replacing unhealthy chemical process, meets HSE 
- Easy maintenance – machine is self-diagnosing (troubleshoot pop-ups) and designed for fast service operation, also allowing remote control access to our 24/7 service support
Running the Pipe InBlast machine by FerroECOBlast® Europe is easy since all operations – from loading, blasting, cleaning to unloading the pipe from the machine – are fully automated and self-controlled.
This strong and precise machine includes many innovative and unique built-in solutions, which gives customers full confidence and allows long-term hassle-free operation. One of the most fascinating features of this fully automated pipe blasting machine is its unique way of stopping abrasives at the pipe outlet, where a chain screen absorbs abrasive blows without losses, stopping the abrasive gently without damaging and at the same time protecting the machine interior from damage. This in turn significantly reduces the consumption of abrasives, contributing to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
FerroECOBlast® Europe, since 1964, is a Slovenian-based company with more than 55 years of history in the field of surface treatment machinery. They strive to solve their customers' problems by designing and manufacturing the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment using the latest technologies and innovations. Their goal is and will always be a satisfied customer, and the above project is just one of their many successes.
From their range of machines for the surface treatment of pipes and tubes, you can also choose special machines for:
- sandblasting, cleaning, and hardening of threats at the end of pipes and couplings
- precise surface treatment of aluminium pipes (uniforming, silking)
- cleaning and decarbonization of copper pipes

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