Vol. 23
May Issue
Year 2022


in Vol. 23 - May Issue - Year 2022
Final Cleaning of Medical Technology Products and Sterile Packaging with Pre-Validated Material

VC999 Medicals packaging solutions, which are available worldwide, are an ideal complement to our product portfolio. They enable us to provide manufacturers of medical technology products with complete turnkey solutions from pre-cleaning and intermediate cleaning during production, through final cleaning and insertion into cleanrooms, to sterile packaging."

In addition to the safe, fast and already pre-validated cleaning and packaging, the added value that results for customers from our cooperation includes the short-term commissioning of the production solution and the easy transferability to other locations.

 In the Spotlight

About VC999 VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG offers solutions around vacuum packaging. The vacuum machines of VC999® are used everywhere where vacuum packaging (bags and trays) are used operational and professionally. With 50 years of experience in vacuum technology, VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG offers a wide range of vacuum machines. A durable, hygienic and clear design characterizes the vacuum machines and promises long operation in top form. With our vacuum machines we guarantee trouble-free packaging of meat, cheese, fish, vegetables & fruits, bakery products, convenience products, liquids, industrial goods, electronics, medical products and much more. For all vacuum-packed products, we thus offer maximum protection against damage and germ formation, all in a visually attractive way. We extend shelf life, guarantee sterile protection and provide solutions for profitable and rational stock-keeping, for example, in the catering industry, etc. The latest division of VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG is VC999 MEDICAL – sterile- and process-oriented packaging in medical technology (medtec). VC999 MEDICAL, is the only packaging solutions manufacturer in the world that has conducted its own packaging validation with a shelf life of ten years. With this and further steps, the latest regulatory requirements as well as the highest demands in terms of cleanroom suitability, process safety and traceability are met. VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG is a traditional family business with a global orientation - "Made in Switzerland". Our team of experts will provide you with full support in the implementation of your projects. From the packaging solution to the installation of the machine on your premises.

Manufacturers of medical technology products worldwide have to meet ever-higher demands and stricter regulatory requirements of the FDA and MDR. Since the introduction of MDR, final cleaning and packaging have been critical elements of the product, leading to considerable economical effort for medical technology companies. In order to optimally support and relieve companies in these processes, the SBS Ecoclean Group, global provider of turnkey cleaning solutions for medical technology, and the globally active VC999 Medical, business unit specializing in packaging machines and pre-validated materials of VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG, entered into a close cooperation, enabling the planning and worldwide delivery of complete turnkey solutions for cleaning and sterile packaging, including packaging validation, from a single source.

The SBS Ecoclean Group and VC999 Medical have concluded a worldwide sales and service cooperation with the aim of minimizing both the time and financial effort involved in certifying and validating the cleaning and sterile packaging of medical technology products. Ecoclean supplements its turnkey range for medical technology with the MDR and GMP-compliant packaging systems of VC999 Medical, which, depending on the application, already contain pre-validated packaging materials (PAPE, Tyvek and paper/foil). "The packaging machines and materials from VC999 Medical have been established on the global market for decades and ideally complete our portfolio," reports Fabio Cordaro, Global Business Development CLP and expert for parts cleaning in medical technology at Ecoclean. "This enables us to plan and supply manufacturers of medical technology products such as implants and instruments with complete turnkey solutions, from preliminary and intermediate cleaning during production, to final cleaning and transfer to the clean room to sterile packaging."
VC999 Medical is a business unit of the Swiss VC999 Verpackungssysteme AG that specializes in packaging and is represented in over 70 countries around the world. The family-run company is the only manufacturer of packaging solutions in the world to have its own packaging validation with a shelf life of ten years. “On the one hand, the fact that it is also a global player in the medical technology market spoke in favor of the cooperation with Ecoclean. On the other hand, we got a partner on board who covers the process immediately before packaging," explains Jürgen Klein, who is responsible for product management at VC999 Medical. "This enables us to offer customers quick and effective cleaning and packaging of their products, which contributes to a more efficient production." The added value that results for customers from the close cooperation includes, on the one hand, increased safety for the processes of professional cleaning and sterile packaging, taking current legislation into account. On the other hand, the effort for certifications and validations is minimized so that they can be used quickly. Added to this is the simple adaptation of the solutions for production sites in different countries and across continents.
For optimal process design and coordination, the partners have mapped a complete process chain from preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning, including clean room and packaging at Ecoclean's Center of Competence in Monschau (Germany). Corresponding trials with original products can be carried out and analyzed in laboratories.
The close cooperation between Ecoclean and VC999 Medical is also underpinned by joint trade fair appearances. The two companies had a booth at this year's American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) convention, where this most important ortho-trauma event took place in Chicago from March 23rd to 25th, 2022.

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