Vol. 23
May Issue
Year 2022


in Vol. 23 - May Issue - Year 2022
Future-Oriented System Concepts For Blasting And Painting Large Components

Andre Felchner, Head of Sales Dept. Paint Spraying Systems

Combined paint spraying and drying booth for rail vehicles with sidewall-guided scissor-lifting work platforms

Efficient, automatic surface coating of cubical workpieces such as box bodies for trailers or containers with the ReCo-Painter®

The ReCo-Blaster® - automatic blasting of large workpieces with high efficiency

MFN was able to get an interview with Andre Felchner, Head of Sales Dept. Paint Spraying Systems.

(?) MFN: SLF Oberflächentechnik produces mainly automated blast-cleaning machines and paint-spray systems. However, you offer a whole range of other applications. Could you give us an inside idea of that?

(!) A. F.: In addition to the automated applications you mentioned, we also of course offer system concepts for manual processes. For all applications, the focus is on developing a system concept that is optimized for the customer and tailored to their individual requirements. As we are specialized in system concepts for large and bulky components, our product portfolio covers a wide range from individual blast rooms and pure paint booths to our SLF open-space spray painting systems with long-range nozzle technology and very flexible telescopic and movable booth solutions. I’d like to invite you to inform yourself about the entire SLF product and service range on our homepage. We have a lot to offer!

(?) MFN: While SLF is based in Emsdetten, Germany, you deliver equipment to many different countries. In what geographical areas and in which fields are your main markets?

(!) A. F.: We are internationally oriented! Apart from Germany and Europe, we are very active in Asia, North Africa and South America. We are currently working at full speed on developing the North American market in the future. When it comes to our core markets, we are very versatile and supply individual plant concepts to the rail vehicle market, the Wind Power Industry and the steel construction sector, just to name the most important markets.

(?) MFN: Any company that produces something has often the “one” application or technology which represents the company the most. What would that be in the case of SLF Oberflächentechnik?

(!) A. F.: We are privileged to be able to supply blasting, paint spraying and conveying technology from one single source, which is why there is actually a whole range of technologies that represent us, the SLF company, with unique selling points in the market. The most important products are the ReCo-Blaster for the blasting sector, the ReCo-Painter for the painting segment and certainly also the SLF lifting platforms for use in blasting and/or painting plants.

(?) MFN: You have been successful in the surface preparation business for over 30 years. What would you say has changed the most during that time? And what will be the biggest challenge in future years to come?

(!) A. F.: Of course, this is a very complex question that certainly cannot be summarized in two sentences. However, I think that the requirements that our customers place on their products have the greatest influence on the development process, both in retrospect and in the future. We are partly operating in a price-sensitive market segment, although the quality demands are constantly increasing. These factors by themselves are incentive enough to inspire customers with innovative technology. Processes must become more and more "efficient", and although the term has been used a lot in recent years,  in my view, it is very much to the point, especially in the case of industrial surface preparation. There is currently a lot of thought being given to automation, and this is happening in processes where it would have been considered rather unlikely just five years ago. Examples of this are the robotized blasting and coating of components with batch size 1.

At SLF, we’ve the opportunity to work together with our customers to develop future-oriented system concepts tailored to their needs. Thanks to the innovative orientation of our company, our portfolio is very broad. This enables us to find the right solutions for individual requirements, whether for manual or robotized processes.
MFN would like to thank Andre Felchner for this interview!

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