Vol. 23
July Issue
Year 2022


in Vol. 23 - July Issue - Year 2022
Market Leaders Combine Cleaning Expertise For The Medical Industry

“MMMs solutions are indispensable when it comes to manufacturing medical products and are therefore an ideal addition to our portfolio of turnkey solutions. The companys global presence also plays an important role,” says Fabio Cordaro, Global Business Development CLP and expert on parts cleaning in medical technology at Ecoclean

For both partners, the product portfolio of the other or parts of it represent an ideal complement to offer customers from almost all areas of medical technology worldwide added value in terms of performance and service

 In the Spotlight

SBS Ecocleab Group: The SBS Ecoclean Group develops, produces and markets forward-looking machinery, systems and services for industrial part cleaning and surface treatment applications. These solutions, which are among the best in the world, help companies around the globe manufacture their products efficiently and sustainably in high quality. Customers come from the automotive and supplier industry, as well as the broad industrial market - from medical, micro and precision engineering through mechanical engineering and the optical industry to power engineering and the aviation industry. Ecoclean's success is based on innovation, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, customer proximity, diversity and respect. The Group has twelve locations in nine countries throughout the world and employs more than 900 people. MMM Group: The family-run, medium-sized MMM Group has been active worldwide since 1954 as one of the leading system providers in the service of health. With a complete range of products and services around cleaning, sterilization and disinfection systems for hospitals, scientific institutes and laboratories as well as the pharmaceutical industry, the company has positioned itself as a decisive quality and innovation leader in German and international markets. Tailored to the requirements of the market, the service portfolio is grouped into the Healthcare, Live Science, Consulting and Customer Service business areas in order to respond specifically and systematically to the needs of customers.

The SBS Ecoclean Group, a global provider of turnkey cleaning solutions for the medical industry, and the MMM Group, whose sterilization systems are used worldwide, have entered into a cooperation agreement. In this sales cooperation, Ecoclean covers the complete domain of industrial production within the medical technology sector, while MMM focuses predominantly on business with hospitals, service companies and laboratories, as well as in the life science industry.

The cooperation between the two companies, in which each holds a leading position in its markets, will bundle product, sales and service synergies worldwide. Through the addition of cleaning systems from MMM, Ecoclean is extending its range of turnkey solutions for the medical industry. In particular, these are final cleaning and passivation systems for treating products before they enter a cleanroom. “In past years, these solutions have not only been used successfully by hospitals and service companies to reprocess medical devices, but are also indispensable when it comes to manufacturing medical products, thus making them an ideal addition to our portfolio,” explains Fabio Cordaro, Global Business Development CLP and expert on parts cleaning in medical technology at Ecoclean. “With MMM, we now have an experienced and innovative partner at our side for this task who, like us, is active worldwide and can offer global service. The pandemic has really shown us how important it is to have service personnel available locally.”

The MMM Group, which is based in Planegg, Bavaria and represented in over 120 countries, offers a full range of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization equipment and services for the healthcare and life science sectors. Healthcare solutions include systems for reprocessing anything from complex robotic instruments through to bulky items such as mattresses. In the life science sector, industrial cleaning tasks with the highest requirements have to be solved as well as those involving sterilization. “In the past, we were not proactive in the industrial cleaning business. That is why we are so pleased about the cooperation with Ecoclean,” says Andreas Schneider, Marketing Director of the MMM Group. “Thanks to the cooperation, we can now realize projects with a strong partner and develop high-quality products tailored to the needs of the industry.
For both partners, the other company’s product portfolio or parts thereof, as well as their respective global setup, complement each other perfectly, thus enabling them to offer their global customers added value in terms of products and services.

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