Vol. 23
November Issue
Year 2022


in Vol. 23 - November Issue - Year 2022
MFN's 2-day Shot Peening and 1-day Flap Peening Workshop, Singapore, September 2022

From left to right are Ronak D. Shah (MFN trainer), S.H. Tan and Jess Tan (MFN Organizers), Shlomo D. Ramati and Rishabh Shah (MFN trainers)

Flap peening training

Practical training at DIGITAL SMART robotic peening machine from Abrasive Engineering

Impressions from the class room

We wondered what life would be like on the other side of the pandemic. There was a long wait for life to get back to normal and finally it did, and for good. We all lost someone close to us in the pandemic, a loving tribute to them. For the rest of us who made it, we begin afresh, and now back to business! 
Even though “webinars” had temporarily replaced “classroom” training, now it was the time to turn back to “classrooms” again, a welcome relief from the virtual world.  
The eagerly awaited annual Shot peening training workshop in Singapore kicked off on a very positive note. There was full house participation this year, to the point that some of the last-minute entries had to be denied. It was a three-day event, 2 days for Shot peening training and 1 day for Flap peening training.
It was a landmark year for venue of training ARTC or Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre, which celebrates completion of 10 years of successful co-operation of Government, Industry and University.  
Day 1 was level 1 or the Basic level training, the introduction of the fundamentals of the shot peening process for participants to understand the meaning of various terminologies and its relevance in process control. The 8 hours of theory session was followed by an evening basic practical session on a state-of-the-art Robotic shot peening machine at the ARTC. 
 Day 2 for level 2-3 or the Intermediate-Advance level training, the revisiting of importance of various parameters in detail. This level throws light on how the tensile, compressive stresses affect the life of components. It makes sense to understand what happens below the surface while we are also talking of what happens above. The participants get to see the whole picture. Again, this was followed by an evening advanced practical session on the equipment. 
Day 3 was the Flap peening course, and the session is designed for morning half-theory and half-hands-on-practice. Each participant was asked to solve the saturation by carrying out flap peening on Almen strips, and then each was evaluated and instructed on correct operation. They received special instructions on effective usage of the flap peening tool. 
Evaluation of the knowledge acquired was carried out through an optional test, and the participants were awarded a respective FAA-endorsed course certificate on passing the test. 
It is during such trainings that the participants get confirmation on many day-to-day queries, as they get to ask the experts themselves. They get to know what to ignore and what to pay attention to, whether it is coverage examination or saturation curve analysis; whether it is shot quality or masking requirements. It is rightly said that if you take care of small things, big things take care of themselves. 
The participant’s excitement was evident as they reached the venue early each day ready for the training. The event sponsors and the trainers also greatly contributed to this great cause. 
It was truly an exhaustive event filled with learning experiencing and sharing.

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