Vol. 23
November Issue
Year 2022


in Vol. 23 - November Issue - Year 2022
ICSP14, A Successful Event!

Delegates discussing matters during a scientific session

Prof. Mario Guagliano, ICSP14 Chair, opening the conference

Emmanuelle Rouhaud during her plenary lecture about SMAT

Networking during the welcome reception

A view of the Gala Dinner, Triennale Milano

Delegates during the cultural visit at Museo Novecento

After having been postponed from 2020 to 2022, finally the 14th International conference on Shot Peening took place, hosted at Politenico Milano, in the buildings of the Campus Bovisa. Despite the fear of the organizers, ICSP14 attracted the peening community that after five years could meet in person and discuss the latest developments in the field.
More than 160 delegates attended the conference, from Europe (with strong delegations from Germany, France and Italy), North America (USA and Canada), Asia (Japan, Singapore, Korea and China). There were also 19 exhibitors presenting their latest products and developments.
"We are glad to host ICSP14 and we are happy that the peening community enthusiastically joined the conference" -says Mario Guagliano, ICSP14 chairman - "We missed the Chinese delegates, the majority of whom could not participate due to the COIVD restrictions. However, we arranged an on-line connection to allow them to present their work remotely, and this was appreciated by the speakers and by the audience!"
The plenary lectures were given by leaders in the field; Martin Levesque talked about the numerous activities on course at the École Polytechnique Montréal, with multiscale approaches for modelling and impressive experimental tests; Domenico Furfari and Yongxiang Xu discussed what is going on in laser shock peening at Airbus and at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, respectively. Emmanuelle Rouhaud illustrated the work done on SMAT at Université Troyes and Pierangelo Duó described how shot peening is implemented at Rolls Royce Germany.
More than 90 scientific presentations were discussed during the parallel sessions. Among these latter, the great success of the session dedicated to shot peening for post-processing of additive manufactured parts can be underlined: the studies on Ti alloys, Inconel, stainless steels, as well as the methods developed for assessing the improvement of the fatigue endurance and strength of additive manufactured parts attracted the interest and the curiosity of the audience with many questions and answers.
The session dedicated to laser shock peening, organized by Domenico Furfari, gave an up-to-date state-of-the-art presentation on the current developments of this treatment, with different interesting talks addressing multiple aspects of the treatment: from tailored laser peening to anisotropic residual stresses, and to fast laser peening, from the application of nanoindentation for residual stress measurement to the application of laser peening to improve the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys, and many more.
The sessions dedicated to fatigue, experimental analysis, process development and case studies exhibited the multiple applications of shot peening and its flexibility in many industrial environments, confirming the increasing interest for the treatment and showing the innovative solutions developed in the last few years.
A great step beyond has been carried out in modelling shot peening by means of multiscale simulations that offer deep insight of its effect on treated materials.
Finally, the session dedicated to other peening processes and the one dedicated to characterization of shot peening showed alternative ways to peen materials such as cavitation or acoustic peening, and new methods for an ever-more-accurate characterization of the treatment.
The Student Best Paper Award was assigned to Ivan Bogachev (Univ. Cambridge, UK) for his presentation entitled "Shot peening and deep rolling of a single crystal nickel superalloy" (1st place), Jan Kaufman (CTU Prague, Czech Republic) for the presentation "Laser Shock Peening to enhance stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue resistance in marine aluminium alloys" (2nd place) and to Maxime Paques (Ecole Polytexhnique Montreal, Canada), for the presentation "Control of the vibratory peening machine using the Almen intensity procedure" (3rd place). Congratulations to the three of them!

ICSP14 not only consisted of scientific sessions, but the attractive social program was also appreciated. The welcome reception, on Sunday evening, held in the garden of the historical campus at Politecnico, opened the conference, giving people the opportunity for meeting again after so many years and starting networking with new friends. The Gala Dinner was hosted at Triennale Milano, a permanent centre for design expositions, with an amazing view of the park. The honorary member of the International Scientific Committee on Shot Peening, Dr. Abbas Niku-Lari, recalled the history of this series of conferences during the gala dinner, from the first meeting in Las Vegas to ICSP14, while the guests tasted delicious Italian food and wine.
The cultural visit at Museo Novecento, downtown in Milan, allowed the delegates to admire many paintings and sculptures, masterpieces by artists of the XX Century.
Finally, during the conference, the meeting of the International Scientific Committee on Shot Peening agreed that Delphine Retraint, David Bahr and Yuji Sano were accepted as new members of the ISCSP and evaluated the proposals for hosting the ICSP15 in 2025: the winner was from the University of Purdue (USA), organized by Professor David Bahr and his team.
Congratulations to the new members of the ISCSP and to Prof. Bahr!
See you at ICSP15, in 2025!

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