Vol. 2
March Issue
Year 2001


in Vol. 2 - March Issue - Year 2001
Singaporean Peening Job Shop with State of the Art Process Documentation

qualified CNC specialists are essential to operate the equipment

GT-Baiker Metal Finishing PTE LTD is prepared to set new standards in terms of peening process documentation. A number of different software packages allow a complete documentation of the process depending on specification to be fulfilled.

Process Documentation with BAICOM 2.0:
Besides visually displaying the process on the computer screen, the software will shut down the machine immediately if the media flow rate, peening pressure, rotation of lance and turn table, feed rate or position of axis exceed a certain tolerance. A possible malfunction will cause a print out in which all mentioned parameters including the time of malfunction are recorded. If the machine executes the program to the end, it is guaranteed that the process worked according specifications. A software copy to the hard disk is done automatically. On request, the complete CNC program can be printed out to verify the axis position.

ALMEN Saturation Curve with ALMCOM 3.0:
The manual procedure of drawing the ALMEN-curve and reading out T and 2T leaves too much room for mistakes. Therefore the Singaporean peening job shop decided to integrate an ALMEN saturation curve software package to its equipment. All ALMEN test points taken for a saturation curve will be keyed into this program. The customers receive the computer generated ALMEN curve as part of the workpiece documentation.

Peening Efficiency Program PEPCOM 2.0:
The determination of peening parameters can be a time consuming procedure.  A customer may feel uncomfortable if too much testing is involved before a peening program according specification can be executed. Therefore the job shop has access to an extensive database. If the information such as intensity, nozzle diameter, media size and impingement angle are provided, the software will, amongst other things, calculate the requested peening pressure and the recommended media flow rate.

Using only the finest technologies available in peening, this job shop can fulfil strictest aviation requirements. Besides providing a complete documentation, customers shall be at all times welcome to inspect the process and machinery to insure they receive genuine quality.

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