Vol. 7
March Issue
Year 2006


in Vol. 7 - March Issue - Year 2006
Dry Ice Blasting





In industrial processes it is often impossible to avoid the production apparatus from getting dirty thus influencing its reliability, the quality of the product and the safety of the personnel.

Therefore, production and maintenance employees all over the world are constantly on the lookout for cleaning methods which are environmentally-friendly, cost-saving and at the same time increase product quality. In today’s highly technological and often highly automated machinery, traditional cleaning methods are not always optimum. Dry ice blasting is a dry and gentle – but extremely efficient – cleaning process, a process where no blasting media is left after cleaning and where no detergents, chemicals, etc. are involved.

Cleaning with dry ice blasting equipment is thus an excellent alternative to cleaning with traditional equipment.


-Minimum downtime, cost-saving, fast, effective
-Dry process
-Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, no waste disposal
-CO2 immediately evaporates back into the atmosphere
-Light, mobile, reliable, easy to operate


The dry ice blasting equipment uses small CO2 ”particles” (CO2 = carbon dioxide) as blasting media, in the following called Cryo Pellets. The temperature of the Cryo Pellets is -79°C. (Liquid CO2 is used to produce CO2-snow, which then under high pressure is converted into hard and equal pellets – dims. approx. Ø3x10 mm). – The cleaning effect of dry ice blasting is based on three principles:

• Thermal effect: Due to the temperature of the Cryo Pellets (-79°C) impurities will be cooled down, shrink and loosen.

• Kinetic effect: When Cryo Pellets leave the blasting gun nozzle, their kinetic energy contributes to removing impurities.

• Sublimation effect: When a Cryo Pellet hits a surface, it is immediately transformed from solid form into gas form. Its volume is increased approx. 700 times, thus tearing away all loose and brittle impurities.

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