Vol. 2
June Issue
Year 2001


in Vol. 2 - June Issue - Year 2001
Introducing the CNC "Multi-Purpose Peening Machine Series 9"

"Teach-In" programmingwith remote control inside the cabin

BAIKER AG has been very successful in standardising its high end CNC peening machines for the aviation industry. It has done so with its Series 5 and now with its most sophisticated version, the Series 9. The philosophy of this standardisation is to have a fully functional basic type of machine, which can be upgraded with a number of different options. The advantages of such a system benefit both, the customer and the manufacturer. The customer receives a machine, which already has been in operation in just this design. This at  a very economical price which enables the manufacturer to cut costs in engineering and fabrication.

CNC Multi-Purpose Peening Machine Series 9:
The Series 9 has a total of 9 CNC controlled axis. On the roof and the rear wall of the cabin, a nozzle movement unit of 4 CNC controlled axis each is installed, which are working in conjunction with a CNC turn table. 2 hydraulically driven loading stations bring the workpiece into position. The machine has, due to the strict European standards, a noise emission of below 73 dB(A) and is equipped with the process visibility system BAICOM 2.0 in order to work according to AMS 2432. Besides external peening, the machine can also handle internal peening nozzles from OD-ΓΈ 2.3 up to 18mm. The cabin is walkable to increase the user-friendliness. Programming of workpieces is done via a remote controlled "Teach-In" system right in the cabin or it can also be prepared on a host computer. In that case, the programs will be down loaded to the workshop via an interface.

Options for the Series 9:
Rolls Royce Deutschland, which is treating the BR 715 and BR 710 Turbofan engine on this machine, supplemented it by selecting most of the options. Some of the options were a second continuously working peening system, a second sieve unit, a band type of shape classification system for the recycling of the media as well as an automated media storage unit for up to four different media sizes. In terms of off-line software products they added ALMCOM 2.0 for a computer calculated ALMEN saturation curve and PEPCOM 2.0 to have access to a data base providing the right peening parameters. Mr. Wolfgang Hennig, Process Engineer at Rolls Royce Deutschland: "There is probably no engine part a Series 9 could not peen. In combination with the off-line software programs and the services of providing Almen and workpiece fixtures, BAIKER AG truly offers a turn key concept for this machine."

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