Vol. 7
July Issue
Year 2006


in Vol. 7 - July Issue - Year 2006
Nadcap Column Becomes Regular Feature in MFN

Steven Baiker, Publisher MFN (left) and Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Nadcap (right)

Good columns are the backbone of a magazine and often can decide if a publication is successful or not. Therefore MFN is very careful in making such a commitment, since columns will receive a reserved space and a custom designed layout in the magazine over a long period of time. However, MFN is convinced that this new Nadcap column will be a valuable and appreciated contribution to its readers.

After a test appearance of this new Nadcap column in the May 2006 issue, it was decided to continue this column in every issue. For many readers, especially those involved in the aviation industry, to receive news from Nadcap directly, is of great value.
Since Nadcap has an influence on companies around the globe, it only makes sense that MFN, being distributed in 64 countries, becomes a platform for their information.
The column shall write about different issues concerning Nadcap and a pool of dedicated authors will contribute their knowledge. There will be topics concerning the organization, events, field report of auditors, guidelines and know-how concerning audits and much more. Any subject which can benefit our readers will be evaluated.

In order to discuss the final details concerning focus and target of this new column, Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Nadcap met Steven Baiker, the publisher of MFN last May in the U.S.A. Both parties were equally pleased with the decisions made concerning the new column.