Vol. 2
August Issue
Year 2001


in Vol. 2 - August Issue - Year 2001
Supreme Performance in Strip Descalin

Strip blast cleaning machine for mechanical descaling of wide strip. This line is equipped with 24 blast wheels with a total drive power of 1800 kW.

 In the Spotlight

"... one of the leading suppliers worldwide of shot blast systems for surface treatment of parts made in foundries and throughout the metalworking industry."

AvestaPolarit Stainless Oy, in Tornio, Finland, placed a large-scale order with DISA Industrie AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, recently, for engineering and supply of three shot blast systems with blast wheels which will operate in series and in conjunction with a combined annealing and pickling line. Avesta's decision in favour of DISA was based on their good experience with other plants delivered to them by the Swiss company in the past and because of the rugged and low-maintenance design of these plants.

In view of the competence of the former companies Georg Fischer, BMD, Vogel & Schemmann and GOFF merged into the DISA Group at the beginning of the year, DISA Industrie today is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of shot blast systems for surface treatment of parts made in foundries and throughout the metal-working industry.

New Facility

In Tornio near the Arctic Circle, AvestaPolarit are setting up new facilities in an area covering for the production of hot rolled and cold rolled stainless steel strip. As part of the overall project the shot blast machines have an important function: they ensure reliable and environment-friendly removal of scale from hot rolled, annealed steel strip. The total facility will be designed for a production capacity of 750'000 tons of stainless steel strip per year, 950 to 1650 mm wide and 1 to 6 mm thick. For mechanical de-scaling, three complete shot blast machines with a total of 24 blast wheels with 90 kW power each, will be used to attain throughput speeds of 150 m/min requiring almost 30 tons of abrasive per minute. The high-quality and uniform de-scaling process in the shot blast machines of the Swiss manufacturer will result in a massive reduction of the acid normally required for subsequent chemical treatment. The sludge produced in the pickling baths will be reduced drastically.

The machines will also allow for cold rolled steel strip to pass through occasionally without being blast cleaned.
Production of the new plant will start at the beginning of August 2003.

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