Vol. 8
July Issue
Year 2007


in Vol. 8 - July Issue - Year 2007
Sound-Proof Dry Ice Cleaning At DaimlerChrysler

A complete solution: dry ice cleaning with noise control

The associated CO2 exhaust unit with external control assures the necessary work safety

Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd has delivered a complete dry ice cleaning solution including noise control booth to DaimlerChrysler. The noise control booth is in the motor assembly factory in Bad Cannstatt where silicon residues are removed from motor parts by a dry ice blasting unit type ASCOJET 2001RS.

Before changing to dry ice cleaning, the motor parts were cleaned manually in a time intensive way. The dry ice solution provides a very efficient but still gentle cleaning method. The noise control booth means dry ice cleaning can be integrated into the working process without disturbing other work done in the same hall. The necessary work safety is assured by an associated CO2 exhaust unit with external control.
The dry ice is obtained from DaimlerChrysler’s own dry ice production plant at the core shop cylinder head in Mettingen, where two Asco dry ice pelletizers are situated and ingot moulds and core boxes are cleaned with dry ice. Thanks to their in-house dry ice production DaimlerChrysler always has fresh dry ice ready and therefore profits from optimum cleaning performance and flexibility.
Asco is your provider for total dry ice cleaning solutions: dry ice blasting machines, air preparation, dry ice production, dry ice storage, CO2 room protection, automated dry ice cleaning, noise protection or other special projects etc. – all from one supplier!

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