Vol. 8
July Issue
Year 2007


in Vol. 8 - July Issue - Year 2007
Directors Of Mints World-wide Staying At Spaleck Oberflächentechnik

Coin blank finishing plant Z 33 and coin blank drier SFT 25

Mint experts from the entire world are inspecting new technical developments at Spaleck

On the 25th of April Spaleck Oberflächentechnik had the opportunity to welcome 31 guests from 15 nations. The competent clientele which came from Europe, Australia, Asia, America and Africa got detailed information on the latest technical developments in the field of fully automatic coin blank finishing, a preparatory step before the blanks are struck.
The focus of interest were machines perfectly adjusted for the treatment of high quality numismatic and commemorative coins, on the other hand these were the larger plants for circulation coins. In these machines the so-called blanks, unstruck coin blanks, are treated. Oxides are removed from the surface and the conductivity of the blanks is increased to reach good striking results with perfect shiny coin blanks.
Depending on the blanks material, such as nickel, copper or other known minting material, the machines match with the specific customers and material requirements. In order to get a smooth and shiny coin blank a complex interplay of polishing media, water, chemicals and blanks is necessary. During the last years Spaleck improved their know-how of polishing coin blanks continuously and nowadays Spaleck has become a leading company in this field of industry.
While treating coin blanks the demands on the surface quality are often much more compared with standard surface finishing processes. Roughness and smoothness of the surface are an important factor when deciding on the blank’s quality in the following striking process. Not only the striking process itself can be improved, but also the lifetime of the so-called minting die is increased thanks to an optimum surface condition.

An optimal treatment of the blanks and a surface quality perfectly adjusted to the material of the blank largely affects the flowability of the material during the striking process. These factors are capable of extending the lifetime of the die considerably. This way Spaleck process technology contributes to greater efficiency and a production at optimized costs within the industry of coin blank finishing.

Author: Mathieu Geuting
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