Vol. 2
August Issue
Year 2001


in Vol. 2 - August Issue - Year 2001
Two Robot Blasting Machines for MTU Aero Engines in Munich

Compact design of CNC blasting machine

Remote controlled 6 axis robot: The whole robot installed on a pallet system which can move back and forth

 In the Spotlight

Baiker AG, Switzerland is a manufacturer of Dry & Wet Peening and Blasting Equipment. It mainly works with the Aviation and Automotive Industry.

MTU Aero Engines in Munich which has over 15 machines from BAIKER AG in Switzerland has taken delivery of two state of the art robot blasting machines.

The machines are identical and equipped with a 6 axis MOTOMAN robot. Besides an indexing turn table, the complete robot as well as the turntable can be moved in order to enlarge the working envelop of the machine. The machines are using aluminium oxide blasting media. Each machine comes with 4 nozzles.
The MTU Aero Engines robot blasting machines have received BAIKER AG's improved version of non ferrous media flow rate controller. The enhanced unit works with an accuracy of ±1%/min. (of full scale). This sets clearly new standards for non ferrous media flow rate controls. Besides aluminium oxide, the unit also works with other non magnetic media such as glass, ceramic, plastic grit, etc..

Automated Nozzle Exchange Station

The blasting machines are equipped with a new innovation from BAIKER AG which is an automated nozzle exchange station. Sometimes a certain work-piece has to be blasted with 1 nozzle at one section and then later with 2 nozzles for another area. Instead of interrupting the program, the robot moves to a nozzle exchange station. At this given position within the cabin, the robot puts down the nozzle set presently used and seizes the new nozzle arrangement automatically.

Level of  Process Control comparable to Peening Machines

The level of process control for blasting machines is in modern aviation workshops basically comparable to peening machines. Except for a process data recording system and a sieve unit, the two robot blasting machines delivered to MTU Aero Engines, have all the top of the line features which a peening machines would also have.

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