Vol. 9
November Issue
Year 2008


in Vol. 9 - November Issue - Year 2008
parts2clean – Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process

The SONIC DIGITAL MULTI multifrequency generator with 25, 40 and 60 kHz is the ideal choice for many and varied cleaning tasks in the automobile and supply industry, the sanitary industry, surface technology and in numerous other sectors.

The Aero C100, one of the new Aero line blasters, is the most powerful and efficient pneumatic dry ice blasting machine on the market.

3D-lance spirograph integrated in a MTM-Omega-machine for HP-deburring with high pressure lances and positioning disks.

Solutions for Optimised Parts Cleaning Whether residues from processing media, particulate, chips, burrs or fingerprints are involved – if it’s not removed in accordance with applicable requirements, contamination may result in costly scrap, expensive rework and image damaging complaints. The 6th parts2clean offered information regarding solutions for cost-effective, reliable, reproducible and environmentally sound parts cleaning in nearly all industry sectors. The leading international trade fair for cleaning within the production process took place at the new Stuttgart (Germany) Exhibition Centre from the 28th through the 30th of October, 2008. In numerous industry sectors, demands placed upon parts cleanliness have been increasing steadily in recent years. At the same time, cost pressure is on the rise. Manufacturing companies are thus faced with the question of how they can sensibly achieve the required degree of cleanliness in an economical and ecological fashion. The exhibitors at parts2clean provided answers in the form of an overview covering the latest developments and the state-of-the-art. Please find below a few examples of exhibitors:

Efficient ultrasonic cleaning with minimal space requirements

With its innovative multifrequency technology, Weber Ultrasonics GmbH gives you the opportunity to maximise saving potentials using ultrasonic cleaning. The SONIC DIGITAL MULTI multifrequency generator with 25, 40 and 60 kHz is the ideal choice for many and varied cleaning tasks in the automobile and supply industry, the sanitary industry, surface technology and in numerous other sectors. The 25 kHz frequency removes coarse soiling such as oils, cooling lubricant and larger particles from objects such as motor parts and fittings. Finer cleaning then takes place in the same tank at the higher frequencies of 40 and 60 kHz. This process effectively removes small particles and other films and particulate contamination. An ideal solution for optimising the cleaning process for electronics, optical applications and superfine cleaning is the SONIC DIGITAL MULTI multifrequency generator with 40, 80 and 120 kHz. It uses the multifrequency ultrasonic generators with the SONOSUB MULTI submersible transducer, an actual 3-frequency transducer. As the entire cleaning process can be performed in one tank, the time required is considerably reduced.

For Information:
Weber Ultrasonics GmbH
Tel. +49.7248.9207-0
E-mail: mail@weber-ultrasonics.de

New dry ice blast cleaning systems

At the Part2Clean Trade Show this year, Cold Jet displayed both its Aero Series of dry ice blast cleaning systems and the i³ MicroClean for precision cleaning. Cold Jet designed the new Aero Series line with patented features and incorporated in its nozzles NASA Technology. The patented features enable users to maximize their cleaning performance by eliminating ice clogging, maintaining pellet integrity throughout the entire process and achieving a fast uniform clean. The Aero C100, one of the Aero line blasters, is the most powerful and efficient pneumatic dry ice blasting machine on the market. This flexible and mobile machine can be applied in all manufacturing environments and is ideal for foundries and contract cleaning jobs where no electricity is available. The i³ MicroClean cleans applications where precision is critical and where traditional blasters may be too powerful. This encompasses small rims, complex geometries, grooves and crevices. The system is much smaller than traditional blasters and as a result, consumes much less air and produces far less noise.

For Information:
COLD JET Deutschland GmbH
Tel. +49.6551 96060
E-mail: info.de@coldjet.com

Ultrasonic cleaning systems for precision cleaning

FISA, experienced partner for industrial parts cleaning with a unique ultrasonic technology, offers standard machine concepts as well as customized solutions from simple intermediate cleaning through to final cleaning. The machines are used in different industry sectors, e.g. precision mechanics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and optics. The cleaning line 'Blue Line' is designed according to customers' requirements for optimised parts cleaning "as detailed as necessary, as simple as possible“. The company defines the machine and the cleaning process, i. e. the cleaning agents, their application as well as the required water quality and the material flow (feeding and positioning of the parts) the best way possible according to the application and cleanliness requirements. The modular cleaning line 'C40' combines elaborate technical solutions in a simple, flexible concept. This system offers optimum profitability for numerous applications, particularly for the precision cleaning of small parts, e. g. watch industry or medical industry. The modules may be combined according to the process configuration needed. They are manufactured as a semi-finished product with the respective wiring and kept on stock. The advantages are a cost-saving product and short delivery times.

For Information:
FISA Ultraschall GmbH
Tel. +49.7275.98810
E-mail: info@fisa-schall.de,

3D-lance spirograph brings HP-deburring to the point

With the new 3D lance spirograph MTM presents a new lance guiding system for the high pressure deburring. It can be adapted without much effort to fit the different work piece geometries. The innovative lance guiding system was primarily designed for the usage in high pressure cleaning machines. The specialty of the MTM patented 3D- lance spirograph is, next to the problem free adjustability to changing work pieces with complex geometries and task assignment, notably robust and a much lower investment compared to robot systems. In the new MTM-system the high pressure lance is not guided into the drilling through the arm of a robot, but to a geometrically sophisticated disk system made out of two discs exactly positions the lance over the drilling or edge. The lance can then accurately approach the burr while rotating and remove it with high water pressure. Additionally the processed part of the work piece is covered with a hood during the deburring process to avoid the straying of fine particles into the wash machine and to prevent the recontamination of the part with these same particles. During the high pressure cleaning the spirograph withstands unusual strain, for instance deflected fluid streams with reaction forces of 50 N to 300 N.

For Information:
MTM GmbH Meißner
Technik Müllenbach
Tel. +49.2264.4560-0
E-mail: info@mtm-gmbh.com